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Desc:'Oh look everyone, it's Chris-Chan! How many genders are there?' '58.' 'Cool! Thanks!'
Category:Fashion, News & Politics
Tags:cwc, Chris Chan, gender dysmorphia, helpful cameos
Submitted:Sexy Duck Cop
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Comment count is 24
Forget CWC, my stars go to the gentleman at 2:20!
Forget CWC, the host is an embarrassing A-Log in his own right.

Ron Paul channel logo says it all.

And yeah, 2:20 is amazing.

That really was the best answer.

The host can get bent. 2:20 guy makes it all worth while though. Also, the guy who said 1.

That was the only 30 seconds needed for this video.

1 is really the only good answer under the circumstances.

yeah this video sucks but the guy at 2:20 is a sweetheart

Spoilers: Chris Chan isn't the villain here. /pol/ is so fucking gross that it makes Chris Chan just an innocent bystander.
Crab Mentality
The host is a real piece of shit.

Hey, let's pair this guy up with the guy from Fox News that interviewed people in Chinatown!

The host is such a piece of shit, that he takes the time to purposely wear Solar Shield sunglasses. Anyone who has come across these knows that they are a poor fit over eyeglasses, and are a shitty product in general. He definitely knows how to piss people off...

Sorry Chris, that's incorrect. There are only three genders.
Male, female, and attack helicopter.
But what about American-made versus Russian-made attack helicopters? Seeing as that's going to be the next big Super-Important Culture War to keep us proles occupied (thanks, Hillary), the distinction between these two additional genders is not unimportant.

At this point your obsession with this person is weirder than the person you think you're mocking.
I doubt there will ever be anything weirder than Chris-chan.

Go tell the people who maintain the CWCKI and the kiwi farms that. I'm sure they will have plenty of choice things to say to you.


CWC is our GodEmperor

CWC is the millennial John Waters; of course he's going to have a fanbase. Stop hatin'.

Unless you're just complaining about the weens, A-Ligs, and slanderers. In which case, yes, they are worse.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
3:49 would wife.
Came for CWC, stayed for the Ron Paul-worshipping Virginian hating on drag queens.
This video should come with tasting notes. After letting it swirl around for a while, I think my new favorite thing are all the well-meaning folks who didn't say 2 but also just pulled a discrete number out of a hat.

It's like... 5, right? You got yer two normal ones, yer flat-chested-with-short-haircuts, that kid on the Goldbergs, and, um, Turners?

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