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Desc:Ollie Bye's magnum opus of animated maps.
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:ollie bye, animated maps, history of the world
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Cimmeria, NOOOOO!!!!
This is cool, I like it, but the whole time I was thinking that we totally over-emphasize the status of nation-states when discussing history, and even impose that concept onto pre-nationalist history.
Monkey Napoleon
This actually does pretty good job of not doing that. Obviously, generalizing different populations by some category is always going to be somewhat innacurate... but this animation starts off charting where we think humans went when, then outlines different civilizations as they arose, and then ends in showing nation-states and their territories as they arose.

This is how scholars do it, and while it IS a gross over-simplification, they do teach that it is and stress that it's only thought of this way because it's useful when looking at region-wide trends over long periods of time.

It's far simpler, if less precise, explaining the spread of say... Rome into western Europe if you're not breaking down which general took what and which politicians governed what and how many times relatively small tracts of land changed hands before they moved on.

The mongols just suck up everything. Like a big amoeba.
"the mapping community"?? Why am I not already a member of this??
chucked at that little blip in history that makes Zionists think they get rights to the middle east over the dozens of other civilizations that came before and after them
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