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Desc:'You is a crazy person and your idea's in the movie!'
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Gremlins, key and peele, gremlins 2, mesach taylor
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Comment count is 11
Ethan h3h3 doppelgänger at :57
Caminante Nocturno
With a dash of Broteam.

I have it on good authority that this is exactly how that actual meeting went.
It sounds like the skit was written to reference specific actual people who were in the room ("silver fox").

Wasn't it more of a middle finger to the studio, by a director who didn't want to do a sequel in the first place?
I hated this movie when I was kid, but now I love it. Of course anyone who sees it expecting it to be like the first will be disappointed.

Yeah, I really did a hard 180 on this movie, although it took me a couple of decades to do so.

The story behind Gremlins 2 is, in short, Joe Dante was basically begged to come on board the project and he agreed after Warner Bros. agreed to give him almost complete creative control over the film. So, he decided to make a film that leaned towards being a satire of sequels in general, but that was also purposefully batshit crazy so that it all got out of everyone's system and probably ensured there would be no Gremlins 3. He claims that the movie is the most creative control he has ever had over any single film in his entire career.

People didn't like Gremlins 2...?

Still haven't seen Gremlins 2, but the fact things like Electricity Gremlin and Vegetable Gremlin in the NES game were weird enough to break my suspension of disbelief in the realm of Nintendo Logic tells me all I need to know.
It's not really that bad a film. It is basically a parody of Gremlins and the idea of making a sequel to Gremlins. Not a fantastic movie, but the parts that work really well make up for the stuff that doesn't.

That guy
Always liked this sketch.
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