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Desc:He does not do what one would expect from a baby! Except sometimes he does!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Advertisements
Tags:Alec Baldwin, ACTING!, Horrible cartoon infinity, the wasteland of modern global cinema
Submitted:Killer Joe
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The Mothership
I didn't expect to be as horrified as I was. 5 stars!
Caminante Nocturno
Some poor Dreamworks asshole mockingly suggested this idea at a meeting, and the sarcastic smirk on his face slowly turned into a depressed frown as he realized what he he had done.
As an animator I gotta say, the facial anim on the baby before he speaks, is really nice. Had to be, to get across all the information it does in such a short time.
But yeah, otherwise this looks terrible.

Fucking retarded.
No diaper poop jokes, I am dissapointed
They wouldn't blow that load in the trailer.

Yee-hee-hee! We're taking the entire 6th Fleet to Candy Island? - Those are the admiral's orders.

It's hard to believe someone that young could have risen to the rank of admiral.
Gee! I never thought I'd say this about a movie, but this is kind of stupid.

All joking aside, this seems fine. I am assuming that the narrative is framed by the elder child, an unreliable narrator who extends the "boss" metaphor (common amongst older children dealing with a newly-born sibling) into a prolonged hallucination of his brother *literally* being a boss. As he grows to know, understand, and even love his brother, the boss-hallucination will melt away and the reality of his brother's non-boss true from will finally come crashing in - just moments before a NEW addition to the family arrives, an adopted sister from war-torn Syria.


It's donald trump, except his hands are finally proportional to his body.
This movie is landing four months too late to land that sadly.

Maggot Brain
Okay, time to make some movies...

Hot Dog Accountant
Llama Taxi Diver
Brillo pad Life-coach
Wedding Planner that is Two Kids in a Trench Coat.
Matt Le Blanc is your Undercover Nanny
Love in a Call Center
Lemur Park Ranger
Grasshopper Runs for Mayor Against All Odds

Shark Dentist: It's Funny Because Sharks Have a Lot of Teeth

Pope Tampon!

Chef Who is A Talking Potato, But It's Not Weird Because None of His Dishes Involve Potatoes

A Pair of Sunglasses That Ironically Gets Picked on Because He Doesn't Know How to be Cool

Pope Tampon 2: The Hip Hop Musical! (songs by Macklemore)


29rd President of the United States Warren G. Harding in: "Outer Space Hijinks!"

This Pumpkin Will Judge You!

Mongoose Mortician

Anthony Hopkins stars as a dying alcoholic desperately trying to atone for his mistakes and beg forgiveness from the children he abandoned, in Martin Scorsese's "Pope Tampon 3: Hawaiian Dance Party!" Also Shrek is there.

See, I would totally watch Wedding Planner that is Two Kids in a Trench Coat.

But Llama Taxi driver?

That's just stupid.
Maggot Brain
I should make it clear that llama taxi driver would be re make of Taxi Driver only instead of Robert DeNero we have llama. It's the exact same movie only with a llama, also we're going to hammer home the point that the llama asperges's syndrome.

Well... that's sort of a new premise? I mean "talking baby" isn't a new idea but weird CEO baby is.

I don't know what to think. It looks strange and un-funny, but more interesting than another zany fairy tale retelling, or ham-fisted racial parable about blue people trying to fit in.

It's hard to tell what it's actually about other than its premise. It must have an actual plot too, right?

I guess I'd be willing to give it a shot as long as I was assured there were no more than one or two diaper jokes.
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