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Desc:Rock eaters, plastic eaters, blood drinkers, paint drinkers, you name it
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:blood, Paint, Rocks, plastic, my strange addiction
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If anyone ever finds the 8 track collecting episode, I'm probably in it (not as a collector, they shot some of it where I was working because we had one of the biggest stocks of 8 tracks in the county, although mostly in storage, and I'm one of the only ones who signed a release to be in it). I think it doesn't get much attention because the woman with the record collection of 8 tracks is actually pretty normal.
Actually, I think that one was "my weird obsession" or something. 2007 or 2008, made for an MTV owned network.

Do you have a good source for buying jazz/blues 8-tracks in europe(or that will ship without costing the earth)? A friend of mine was asking recently and I drew a blank, her dad is restoring a classic sports car with 8-track player.

8 Tracks suck. Burn them all!

No idea in Europe. The place I worked had I think 15,000 titles in storage plus about 500 in the store at any given time but they're in Boston.

Your first challenge is going to be replacing the belt in that 8 track player and probably getting the heads aligned decently. More often than not the belts have completely melted into a kind of tar-like stuff and it's a big pain to clean out, expect to spend a lot of time in there with a strong cloth and rubbing alcohol, maybe a popsicle stick or three to scrape with.

8 tracks can sound pretty good if you maintain everything properly.

Maybe contact Reed here:


Cool, cheers OZ!

Well, they sure have a formula down:

*happy guitar music plays*

"My name is Normal Name, I live in Normal Place, I do Normal Thing for a living, oh, and also I am addicted to Weird Thing."

*THUMP sound, music stops dead*

"I'm Normal Name's husband. I'm really worried about her because it's not normal to throw an entire Nintendo Gamecube console into an industrial blender once a day, liquefy it, and then chug the resulting liquid. I'm starting to think there might be some health risks."

Sorry, had to turn it off at the rock eater.
Goth-ham drinking blood was where I had to stop.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Paint drinker's friend was totally expecting her to come out of the closet.
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