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Desc:Also, they tasered an elderly man in the face and he had a heart attack.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Native Americans, hoax, media blackout, oil company, DAPL
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 13
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-10-29
The oil companies are now fully in control of our police departments.
EvilHomer - 2016-10-29
Seems to be fake?
EvilHomer - 2016-10-29
Well, the little girl being murdered is fake, at least. The broader narrative - that the cops are using jackboot tactics to bust up NDAPL protests, and the media doesn't care - is sound.

kingarthur - 2016-10-30
This is an agent provocateur tactic. No girl was murdered, but a message like this gets put out to spread like wildfire and encourage violence on the part of peaceful protest, or to at least give a cover for those who are mixing in the crowd with the intention of causing violence in order to shame the protestors.

Five for fucking evil shit.
EvilHomer - 2016-10-30
That's what I was thinking, too - but is there any evidence to support the theory that this was a psyop, rather than an unfortunate mistake?

kingarthur - 2016-10-30
Kind of speculative on that as well. It just as easily could have been a wild rumor that got started.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-10-30
This guy seemed pretty legit but I can't find any info being released on this happening. Which means either he's lying or there is a massive coverup.

This is the most complete description I could find over what's been going down the last few days there.


and this

Redford - 2016-10-30
Much to my regret, that article is biassed as fuck towards the "screw the police" bent.

Here's the thing. They set up a physical blockade. On land they didn't own. Because they state that it's "sacred". They seemed very surprised when a large multi-billion dollar company decided to move them out by force.

The thing is they clearly weren't going to accept anything but unconditional surrender. It was "We don't choose to accept you purchased the location where you place this pipe, because it's sacred to us. So we're just going to sit in the path of the pipe until you get bored and give up."

They did not do that.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-10-30
But the land was theirs by treaty and sold without their permission. It's like if I decided to put your house up for sale and keep the profits. How is that legal?

Also, there have been hundreds of oil pipeline spills in North Dakota from the same company, which apparently can't get it's shit together and they could very well poison these people's only water supply and since most of them are impoverished I'd say that's not exactly fair.

EvilHomer - 2016-10-30
Bias is not the same as inaccuracy. Are there any counter-sources which dispute the facts presented? If government forces are indeed trying to provoke violence and spread misinformation, then that should be of concern for everyone, particularly those of the "love the police" bent - who, by virtue of their position, have more invested in ensuring that the authorities uphold ethical standards.

As for the question of treaties and land ownership, I've heard these allegations thrown around on both sides, but have yet to see any in-depth examination of the matter. Do either of you have favorable sources that we could see?

Bobonne - 2016-10-30
I'd just like to say, as a Canadian: I'm sorry for TransCanada's reprehensible corporate behavior and the resulting Eminent Domain bullshit that has manifested itself within America due to the above various pipeline projects.

Fuck those guys, I don't support them at all. Most Canadians don't. None of these pipelines even actually benefit us as a country, it's just various ways to route oil to coastlines to ship it off to China (mostly) and other nations. Hell, it doesn't even benefit you guys, aside from some officials that are gonna get that sweet bribe money and extremely short-term pipeline building projects that will provide sweet F-all in the way of long-term jobs.

Fuckin' Capitalism. The amount of ranting I've done the last few days in my realspace as regards various corporate entities and their lack of morality therein would make a random outside observer think I was a radical anarchist socialist or something.

And I'm only mildly so, at most.

(Five for evil of these jackboot police responses, agent provocateurs, and this whole thing, whether a girl really got killed or not)
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-10-30
Okay, if you've seen the video, you know why I submitted it.

It's a hoax. The guy isn't even there. The Natives at Standing Rock are apparently mad he's spreading false information.

https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=359338254414351&set=p. 359338254414351&type=3&theater

I don't even have words for this.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-10-30
And he's removed the video....wow.

To recap for those of you who didn't get to see it, this guy should get a fucking Oscar.
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