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Desc:He's a natural man, doing all he can. NSFW for weird nudity
Category:News & Politics
Tags:donald trump, Gary Glitter, nrc, ihateyoujhm
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-11-02
This was originally going to be clips from Rudy "Crazy Eyes" Guliani's RNC speech, accompanied by "Rock and Roll Parts 1 and 2" I still have about 50 thousand frames of Guliani looking terrified on my hard drive. It would have been fun. Maybe I'll get back to it someday, after this horrible election is over.

It looks like it's going to get crazier before it gets saner. No one understands this new FBI investigation, including, apparently, the FBI, but the polls are tightening. The political rhetoric on Twitter is hallucinatory. Trump supporters don't bother to disagree anymore, they just accuse you of being a paid operative.
memedumpster - 2016-11-02
Hey John, you're not an active MNR guy, so I never got the chance to ask what software you use for video editing. I like the fading frame transitions in his gestures, did you do that? Also, what's it like using Vimeo as a video host site? Is it cool?
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-11-02
SOMEBODY FINALLY ASKED! Thank you! I came up with a lot of this myself, and I'm proud of it. This is going to require a lot of detail. Just skip through it, ask if you want to know more about something, whatever. Again, thanks for asking.

This is all on Linux, opensuse or ubuntu

I used MPLAYER to break down a video clip into individual jpegs of frames. In the command line:

mplayer -vo jpeg video.mp4

I used GIMP to retouch individual frames by adding the penis image.

I used KRENAME to bulk rename the the two folders of retouched and unretouched frames together. You number them sequentially, one with a at the end, and one with b at the end

xxx001a.jpg xxx002a.jpg xxx003a.jpg

xxx001b.jpg xxx002b.jpg xxx003b.jpg

combine to one folder

xxx001a.jpg xxx001b.jpg xxx002a.jpg xxx002b.jpg xxx003a.jpg xxx003b.jpg

A few letters at the beginning of the filename "xxx" helps keep the software from scrambling the sequence

Create a slideshow with FFDIAPORAMA, the fade effect is one of the transitions you get to choose.

I also used GIMP to bulk crop and rescale some images, to create a zoom in and out effect in the second chorus sequence.

There's a tutorial about bulk editing images on GIMP. There's a link in the description to a script that you add to GIMP. It lets you crop, scale, rotate, flip, etc, a stack of images and then render them all individually.

The rest of the editing, including adding the sound, is done with KDENLIVE, All the editing took about twelve renderings

VIMEO is like Linux in that, if everyone used it, it would be awesome. The big disadvantage is that your video isn't going to show up in anyone's youtube feed, so you have to shamelessly spam everyone just to be seen. But if you pay 60 dollars a year, you get no ads, really great HD, and some nice advantages. One great thing is that I can take this video, which I rushed out for the election, polish it up, and reupload it later, and if I want, people will be able to find the new version at the old link.

I also knew I could probably get away with stealing Gary Glitter's music.

A lot of the videos you find on Vimeo tend to be really high quality, something I'm going to have a hard time living up to. But I plan to continue to upload all my videos to youtube, and use Vimeo as a showcase for my better stuff.

Since 2010, I've uploaded hundreds of videos on a half a dozen channels. Some of my videos are more inspired than others, but I keep cranking them out. This is my last shot at being creative, and I am terribly terribly serious about it.
love - 2016-11-02
Damn, I wish I had known you had a vimeo account, I worked there from when it was just a baby in 2008 until a couple weeks ago. It's commercialized a bunch, but I still love it.

Maggot Brain - 2016-11-03
Bonus starts for community created content! *****

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-11-03
I haven't been using it much, but I intend to use it more in the future.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-11-02
Not that anyone really cares, but here's the tutorial with the the plugin for bulk editing in gimp

memedumpster - 2016-11-02
I care!

I am swinging back the Linux way (I need a faster computer and an Internet not bogged down by telemetry to Microsoft every damned time I launch calculator), and so am interested in how to maintain my video mangling hobbies.

Thank you for your detailed response, you mentioned some software I have no experience with, so I am going to bookmark this page and take them as they come. I am a Photoshoptittybaby, so Gimp has always been a Frankenstein's Monster trying to pick flowers by a well experience for me. I appreciate the links.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-11-02
you can also do a lot of bulk image editing by by using ffDiaporama to create a slideshow out of images, and using kdenlive to tint, or superimpose the video, and then using mplayer, to break it back down into images.

Maggot Brain - 2016-11-03
I keep hearing these rumors that Trump is a pedo.
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