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Desc:as if anyone cared, ever....
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:80s, goth, emo, subculture, mainstream
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Comment count is 10
Yeah, sorry but you started at least a decade too late in the timeline there, kids.
At the very least I expected some mention of the Battle of Adrianople.

Here's how I understand the term has shifted over the years. The Goths were various Germanic tribes like around 300-500 CE -- Ostrogoths in the east, Visigoths in the west -- so the term "Gothic" was applied to old architecture after the Middle Ages as a pejorative to imply lack of civilization. From there, I guess, "Gothic" took to meaning old ruins, and then old ruins with that air of desolation, and that gets us to the modern meaning.

Side note, we recently had a video where Germans were described as "Huns"; that's sort of inversely related to associating "Goths" with savagery. The difference is, in WWI the Kaiser FAVORABLY compared his Germans to the Huns, which is sort of a WTF. My best guess: the Huns are evil if your culture traces back to the Romans and a Mediterranean orientation; but if your culture traces back to the foes of Rome -- as the Germans do -- Attila and friends were, culturally speaking, your allies.

where would start it, OZ?

Born in the RSR
goddammit! I like your music but I just hate your people sooooo much!
I like the people, but the music sucks.

Before I watched this I was like "I'll bet this doesn't even mention the Batcave scene." and, of course, it doesn't.
Pitchfork is the Buzzfeed of Hot Topic, so here's some Jacula for y'all.

Oh! And some Power of Picts!

Goth was basically over by 1970.

Siouxsie and her crew dismissed the Goth label entirely, kids. They never wanted to be part of your youth fashion cult.
I don't care how this started. I only want to know how it ends.
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