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Desc:As if you don't know who made this.
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:slingshot channel, joergsprave, legally a toy in Germany, airzooka
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Comment count is 12
Soon he'll be destroying targets from orbit.
Soon he'll be able to destroy targets IN orbit.

His destructive power grows exponentially. And there's no question he's being watched by German authorities.
The spike makes me think of a PIAT.
He's doing God's work.
it's like German engineers are the reverse of American engineers.
There's a German saying: "In America, you invite the engineer over to fix your tv. In Germany, you invite the engineer over to marry your daughter." Engineers in Germany have a cultural prestige. It's somewhat similar to what medical doctors have here.

Unless you're Audi, in which case you're just a nonstop raging pack of scumbags.

In other news, guess who got caught cheating again!

http://www.reuters.com/article/us-volkswagen-emissions-audi-id USKBN1300V7

Okay, so maybe it still is like medical doctors here.

Most of the world respects engineers. The only reason Americans respect doctors so much is because they get rich. (It's not because they help people, Americans don't like nurses nearly as much as doctors)

Born in the RSR
Joerg is like a DIY Space marine.
Hanging out with him for a weekend seems like it would be equal parts hilarious and morbidly creepy.
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