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Desc:The greeziest of funk.
Category:Science & Technology, Fashion
Tags:midi, 90s, white people, reggae for the rastaman, major headcharge
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Comment count is 12
I think this is one of things that's somehow racist against everyone.
infinite zest
Like 311

Racist against music.

My favorite thing about these promo videos is a 2015 comment in the MC-303 video posted by perfect circuit audio: "Holy Christ. I have children with this guy and I am just now seeing this."
That is amazing.

Maggot Brain
Mamma has a Groovebox, Daddy doesn't sleep at night!
I actually picked up an MC303 used a while back because I was disappointed with a few newer drum machines I had bought. They are cheap as fuck, because frankly, they are pretty lame, but I can say I am 50% more greezy.
The 505 is supposed t actually be pretty nice though, isn't it? At least as a sequencer.

A friend of mine had one when they were still fairly new, I remember thinking it was essentially the same as the 303 with some added bells and whistles, and possibly some more sound banks? It was a long time ago now, so maybe I'm forgetting something.

I thought the sequencer firmware was a lot less limited an convoluted but maybe there was an MC-202 I'm forgetting about. I always heard that the first one of these Roland released is notoriously annoying to work with and the followups fixed a lot of the problems.

That very well may be the case, I only ever played with the 505 a little bit, and I can say that the 303 has a whole laundry list of annoying little things about it. I got mine for a little over $100 dollars, so for the price I'd say it's well worth it for a entry level drum machine/sequencer.

Well, it's not even two months since this submission went up and someone just randomly offered me a free MC-303 even though I wasn't looking for one at all. Small world.
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