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Desc:Yoko finally finds her muse in Donald Trump
Category:Arts, News & Politics
Tags:donald trump, Yoko Ono, moans of the dying, twitter, 2016 election
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You just fuckin' wait.
Some day, we'll make contact with an alien species, and their sole grievance will be that we never bothered to clone this woman.
Amen. Yoko married down.

Yoko broke up the Beatles* cause the Beatles needed breaking up. Imagine if the Beatles had kept up the act up to today. Think of all the terrible, legacy-tarnishing grandpa rock they would have shat out. Yoko saved rock and roll.

*I know she didn't actually break them up, but this bit doesn't work unless we pretend.

Sanest Man Alive
Best Beatle
I'm the only person I know who likes her

This will give those "strong" and mighty non-wimpy alt-righters yet something else to complain about I'm sure.

Waiting for inevitable idiots who would never touch a Yoko Ono album in a million years and probably had to use google to even figure out who she was to start hashtagging about how they are going to "boycott" her.
Right Wingers boycotting her, as I'm sure they'll boycott the musical Hamilton, is like liberals pledging to boycott Smith and Wesson.

I hear the alt-right is also planning to continue its decades-long boycott on forming meaningful human relationships that might save them from their own profound self-loathing.

^Only if they can package it in blaming women and blacks.

Sidenote: I'm done using the far-right's rebranding as 'alt' anything. Same old shit deserves the same old title.

My dad was saying that he didn't know how to refer to these guys, and I told him 'just call them racists. that's what they are.'

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