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Desc:FUCK 2016 FUCK 2016 FUCK 2016 FUCK 2016 FUCK 2016 FUCK 2016 FUCK 2016 FUCK 2016 FUCK 2016 FUCK 2016
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:PBS, obama, fuck 2016, Gwen Ifill
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 10
Oscar Wildcat - 2016-11-15
Why, oh why couldn't it have been Judy Woodruff!
Maggot Brain - 2016-11-15
The whole news hour will soon be reporting on the political going ons in the here after.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-11-15
Presumably they'll be replaced by Breitbart alumni.

EvilHomer - 2016-11-15
No idea who any of these people are.

EvilHomer - 2016-11-15
Ooooh. Alright, so judging by the Wikipedia article, this is all just part of #DrainTheSwamp.

I'd like to see HotBoxxy and Aurini take over. Also, rebrand PBS as the Pepe Broadcasting Service.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-11-15
I've always maintained that a time honored English tradition be kept in requiring News Hour anchors and commentators to wear powdered wigs.

TeenerTot - 2016-11-15
gravelstudios - 2016-11-15
I didn't expect how sad this would make me.

infinite zest - 2016-11-16
Me neither. I watch Newshour every night; it's probably the only thing where I'll get upset if I miss it, in a sort of Rainman Wapner sort of way. I hadn't seen Gwen around, but they kept talking about Washington Week so I guess I assumed they were giving Hari.. I dunno how to spell his last name.. more Anchortime, like maybe Gwen was going to concentrate more on other endeavors. The shock I felt when I heard, on The Newshour no less, was about the same as when I heard that Leonard Cohen passed late last week. Except even with Cohen, I saw it coming (the new album, though fantastic, is every bit as much a living will as Bowie's Black Star or Zevon's The Wind.) I lost a friend today.

Binro the Heretic - 2016-11-16


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