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Desc:Some footage from the protests where they're ringing in the new reich
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Cops, Protests, first amendment, Standing Rock, unicorn riot
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Comment count is 14
Unfortunately, like every other major social movement in the last 75 years, this will be completely ignored until the children of a few upper class white families get severely injured or killed by cops. Then it will suddenly be IMPORTANT.
Now that it's turning into a cold version of burning man for the hipsters, the odds of that happening go up!

SolRo, what do you mean "burning man for the hipsters"?

It is not turning into Burning Man for hipsters.

Fucking Burning Man is Burning Man for hipsters.

Innocent white kids are getting Killed! All Lives Matter!

reading comprehension king...read it completely and slowly.

No, I think I got it. It kinda feels like you're trying to shame people from participating in the protest.

^^^ Yep. Intentional or unintentional red herring.

SolRo- oh you mean somebody I might not like is part of this movement. Well, morality aside I have to side against the hipsters.

I think SolRo is saying that the NDAPL is getting too liberal and trendy for his taste. It's so mainstream now, that even white kids are gonna show up!

So maybe one more arm blown off would do it, if need be.

To be fair, there were some complaints about the attitude of some of the more recently arrived protesters. Though not, I assume, the veterans'.

The government hasn't actually changed over yet. This isn't us ringing in the New Reich, this is just business as usual in the Old.
Heard the Army Corps of Engineers denied the easement today, so hopefully that helps.
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