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Desc:Olbermann is pissed and rudy giuliani is a punk
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:Countdown, Olbermann, terrorism, guiliani, douchebaggery
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Comment count is 23
Dummy Rum
I wish a terrorist attack would happen on my watch so I could be a hero for not stopping it.
Way to massively misunderstand a very important point, douchebag. "How... dare... you, sir?"
As usual, an overreaction. Why does he have to talk like that? Its like he's LARPing or something.
Get tired of sucking Sharpton's dick Olbermann?
When did this site get an audience of rightwing spongecocks?
Ahriman the Creepy Lurker
He understands just fine, jackass. Giuliani is a disgusting human being.
Olbermann's speech patterns are annoying, but nowhere near as repellant as Giuliani.
You, sir, have obviously never sucked Al's dick. It's delicious!
A sad day when eloquence is shat upon by tools. Lots of sad days, these days.
This guy sounds intelligent and makes a good point. We'd better make fun of him for it.
Honest Abe
haha, someone thinks giuliani made an important point rather than pandering to pigfuckers
Anyone who buys this "those guys will put us on defense" campaign should try to be smarter.
Once again, Olbermann makes a valid point. Shame you rightwing scumfucks can't see that.
He says what we need to hear and we do not listen. We never listen.
Is it wrong that this gave me a boner? It's wrong, isn't it?
I'm impressed. By comparing Giuliani to Bin Laden, he's found a new way to Godwin an argument.
Did you know that invoking Godwin has gotten just as annoying as the whole nazi thing? If not actually more annoying? Let's make a law about not any more fucking Godwin references, okay?

I'm just saying that it weakened his argument. Most people, when they hear somebody compared to Hitler or Mussolini or Bin Laden, tend to stop listening.
go keith go keith its yer birthday ;-D
Needed to be said.

If you think this guy is a mincing queer for speaking from the bottom of his heart, you are horribly broken.

Likewise, if current events do not fill you with some kind of indignant outrage, even a little, then you are fucking useless and deserve what you get.
Spastic Avenger
I love his voice.
Way to take Rudy to task, K!
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