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Desc:The RAFNT is very popular with a certain poester.
Category:Sports, Fashion
Tags:football, RSR week, RSR month, RSR year
Submitted:That guy
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Born in the RSR
I'm sure you mean Jangbones, since he's always banging on about this bastardized rugby he seems to care so much about.

Do Romanians play rugby?

Born in the RSR
Yes, but we use gypsies instead of balls, and the Schengen Area instead of goals.

Maggot Brain
What happens if the "ball" lands in Moldova?

Born in the RSR
http://romafacts.uni-graz.at/index.php/history/persecution-internm ent-genocide-holocaust/deportations-from-romania

From the mismatched helmets, to the paraglider towing a banner, to the Super Metroid ripoff song in the end credits, this was front-to-back amazing.
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