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Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:stand up, comedy, pussy, steve martin, joke
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What made me appreciate Steve Martin was an interview I read or saw with him where he reflected on his success in the 1970s. He characterized his success in relation to the culture at the time: Vietnam had just ended; there was water gate; racial tension; economic anxiety; and so on. There was just so much seriousness and he understood that as a lack of silliness and thought that was needed.
here's the whole show, it's pretty good

Wow. I'm surprised by how much of that performance doesn't hold up. I *loved* that show when I first saw it several years ago.

The Mothership
Good joke.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Did he die too?
not yet, but every time I post something like this lately the thought crossed my mind...

No matter how many times I hear this it never gets old. The delivery is just flawless.
Maggot Brain
That guy
If you don't know Steve Martin's stand-up, forget everything you do know about him, and watch/listen to them start to finish. He made about 4 albums.

In HS theater we had to do a 10 minute show. I did Steve Martin stand up. (this bit was not allowed)
Binro the Heretic
My parents had a lot of comedy albums I wasn't supposed to listen to but did anyway when they were out.

This was my favorite. Hell, still is. I bought a CD copy for my own collection and ripped it to MP3 when the technology became available.

It's on my hard drive right now. I think I'll listen to it tonight.
A long time ago, back in the Bush years, the band I was in did a little regional tour and the only things we had to listen to were cassettes of this album and Appetite For Destruction, for about a week. 6 of us and all our gear stuck in a minivan 8 ours a day.

Ok, but doesn't make up for "king tut", the most wretched unfunny funny song ever
Binro the Heretic
I loved it when I was a kid.

Especially, "He ate a crocodile."

The mental image just made me laugh and laugh.

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