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Desc:RIP Greg Lake (1947-2016).
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:rip, king crimson, prog rock, suck my balls 2016, Greg Lake
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Comment count is 9
Keith Emerson, bloviating and insufferable

Carl Palmer, arrogant blowhard

Greg Lake was apparently the normal one
Coming in 2017, on tour across America: Palmer and Bee Gee!
Maggot Brain
Don't do cocaine, kids.
I dunno, man. He made it to 59. Not too shabby.

Besides, 59 in Coke-years is like 89 in normal years.

um, 69. if he was 59 he would have been twelve years old around the time "in the court..." came out.

Maggot Brain
Jimmy Page must be 500 in coke years.

ELP was the only major band I ever got a front row seat at a show to. I'll never forget it. RIP Greg.
Elephant Talk always makes me think I'm listening to the Talking Heads.
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