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Desc:RIP Zsa Zsa Gabor (1917-2016).
Category:Classic TV Clips, Fashion
Tags:80s, rip, zsa zsa gabor, glamour, suck my balls 2016
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Comment count is 11
RIP you crazy diamond.
Homer, I was wondering do you know if Rarity was somewhat geared around her. I always figured she was with "Darlings" being such large part of her vocabulary.


I wasn't even talking to you you idiot.

I met both Zsa Zsa and Eva as a child, in the Disneyland submarine of all places. They were just DEEEEEE-LIGHTED by the effects.
She was a gold digger but she did it with such class. RIP Zsa Zsa.
Maggot Brain
Leg is in heaven, Zsa Zsa is in hell
il fiore bel
tbh this is one of the deaths I'm kind of glad happened. I didn't hate her or anything, but I felt bad for her after reading about all her health issues over the last several years.

And her husband seems pretty batshit crazy himself.

infinite zest
I was reading something recently about how she was playing a show, and couldn't sing with handicapped people in the audience, moving them as far out of her line of sight as possible. What a bitch!
I really honestly did think she had been gone since the 90s.
Same. Was actually very surprised to hear the death announcement.

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