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Desc:Earlier today, a White cop pulled over a White guy for speeding and taught him how to tie a necktie.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:racism, pigs, assholes, Total Assholes, We still have work to do
Submitted:Binro the Heretic
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Comment count is 24
Binro the Heretic
When that BART cop shot Oscar Grant in the back and said he had mistaken his sidearm for his tazer, I wondered how that could be possible. I thought tazers were like bulky garage door openers or Star Trek phasers.

But you can see in this video a modern tazer is pretty indistinguishable from a pistol or revolver.

They should probably do something about that.
I bet there would be pushback to changing them. Wouldn't want to give up your one excused execution of a handcuffed perp.

Only a fucking moron would confuse a taser for a gun. First, tasers are typically holstered on the side opposite of where a cop is comfortable with his pistol to be drawn and this is required in some states. I.e., if a cop has a gun on his right hip, the taser must be holstered on the left in a crossbody holster. Second, tasers weigh about as much as a toy, nowhere near the heft of an actual service pistol. In the BART case, video evidence clearly showed the cop unsnapping and unholstering his gun from his normal shooting side; there is no way he could have confused it for a taser; he didn't even try to use that defense until his lawyers tried to bring it up in court.

Binro the Heretic
Everything you say makes perfect sense, but a jury would see this:

http://www.theamericaspostes.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Ta ser-M26.png

and it wouldn't be hard to convince them a cop could "accidentally" grab their gun instead of their tazer in the heat of the moment.

The fewer excuses we give them, the better.

They need to be more discriminate as to who passes police academy, or who is even accepted into those programs. I have a step father-in-law cop who is dumb as rocks. He had to demonstrate proper use of a taser gun in front of his superior, but ended up instead popping it off indoors, resulting in a write up. Was looking at the requirements for joining the police force, and at least here in California there was no mention of a psychiatric screening, only physical.

The taser shown in this video appeared to be some off brand taser, not like the Taser M26 Binro mentioned.

Merry Christmas ya'll

This is sure to go over well.
If by well you mean stupid. It features lots of stupid so it deserves lots of stupid thoughts.

...and receive them it shall.

I'm out, got family stuff to do. Merry xmas guys

Wondering when our TV style consumption of injustice turns into motivation to update police operational procedures at local and state levels.
There are discussion questions at the end, have your notebooks ready.
For fucks' sake.
Well, the Trumpkins are happy about it http://www.rawstory.com/2016/12/keep-your-fat-mouth-shut-trump-bac king-school-principal-under-fire-for-attacking-texas-cuffed-mom/
Maggot Brain
A lot problems in law enforcement stem from policing being vocational opposed to professional. More cops need some form of higher education. Also racism.
On one hand this is infuriating as hell because it's completely wrong and unjust and the cop should be fired and never allowed in a position of authority again.

On the other hand, watching racist bitches get owned is pretty satisfying. It's kind of like watching the Westboro Baptist Church get violently run out of town during a picket. It's wrong, and I don't condone it, but I can't say there isn't a tiny bit of pleasure I get from watching it.
Binro the Heretic
You're saying the mom is a racist bitch?

Black people that are angry about white supremacy and the systemic oppression of their people are all actually just racists that hate white people.

And being accused of being racist is the ultimate insult, someone telling you that you're a racist is an unfair and unjust attempt to make you into a bad guy, something white people have been putting up with from all the niggers forever, so being able to call them out for what they actually are, just a bunch of racist bitches, is the ultimate justice.

Why is it the 3-4 users that yell "racism!" the loudest are also the only users that ironically use "nigger" on a fairly regular basis? Just spending accrued karma?

Just an observation...

Probably for the same reason that the users with the most racist perspectives are careful not to use any words that would provoke a "oooooooh, he swooooooooore" reaction.

You know, I don't actually care that much that they probably hate white people and I also don't care that they may or may not be justified in hating police because they put her baby daddy in prison.
What I do care about is that these individuals in particular are literally screeching examples of why I see no problem in calling somebody behaving like this a "pavement ape". No worries, once she gets bailed out she'll keep shootin' dick fruit out of her spittoon until the whole world sounds like 3:46 and all music is required to be played out of cell speakers.

Here's the thing LC, when I see someone acting out, I don't immediately go to the ethnic/race angle or use loaded terms like anything-'ape' or cast aspersions about their number of children or their child-rearing (that last part is exactly the angle the cop took btw).

You shouldn't either.

Those are remarks/behaviours that are racist -by definition- and that's something you should work on because ultimately it makes you a shitty person and adds to an already shitty part of Western society.

When you look at why she's behaving in that manner, it turns out she's reacting to a real injustice, the fact that she's being arrested while the neighbour who choked out her son -the reason the cop was called to start with- is free to go about his business. They also ended this encounter by arresting two of her kids as well.

Regardless of race, that cop is a fucking prick for his behaviour and regardless of her race, she'd be right to kick up a big fucking stink over that kind of treatment; but it doesn't happen in that vacuum, that cop's attitude is near-certainly informed by the sort of lazy unthinking prejudice about how many kids she has, babydaddies, damn uppity black woman etc etc so it makes his shitty behaviour all the shittier.

Post smarter please, this is /pol/ grade shit and you'll end up a fucking pariah here like RoUS/Enjoy/Fezren and the other hit-n-run garbage people.


Side note to clarify another thing: you're not saying "uppity" to be snarky or ironic, but to get directly to the meat of the matter, right?

Just using it as an example of the sort of prejudicial language a racist would use; with 'uppity' being pretty high on the list of encoded racist terms that people (cops especially) go to when they can't/won't say the more obvious racial slurs.

In part I was ironically responding to Bort's point about inoffensive language.
But I also think that some of the audio of this video sounds like monkeys screeching. It's not a race thing, it's an "I probably wouldn't have that reaction" thing.
My only real question about this video is will that kid ever litter again?

Rodents of Unusual Size
If you don't post something bawbag approves of, you are a racist. You racist pieces of shit.

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