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Desc:...As Yahoo News alerts us to the latest viral controversy
Category:Pets & Animals, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:christmas, attack, CATegory, playstation 4
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Oscar Wildcat
First you bite off the head, then you chew on the neck stump. This I know from watching the barn cats in action.
'jerk' is the nature of cat.
Stuff like that must be clarified, otherwise jerk cat sounds like a Chinese/Jamaican fusion dish.

Cena, for the comment.

il fiore bel
Well, did he ever consider the cat wanted a PS4?! How utterly selfish, rubbing his gift into kitty's face like that!
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Apparently car bites are serious. They just dont happen very often as cats always tend to attack with their claws first

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3935774/A-bite-CAT-d angerous-think-feline-s-fangs-inject-bacteria-deep-skin-cause-seps is.html
I was bitten by a Dodge Neon once. The rash still hasn't cleared up.

Tries to make stupid viral video, gets funny bacterial infection.

Hero cat.
I agree, fuck this manchild.

Jerk man opening Christmas present is attacked by cat

I agree, fuck childish good for nothing shitlord manbabies who get happy and excited over getting what they want.

Real men hate every moment they're alive.

Because nothing says "I get real joy out of life and am definitely not struggling to hold back the emptiness inside me" like making staged "viral" youtube videos.

Also his haircut is stupid.

It's not about that Latifah. I wish could get that excited for Christmas presents, but I'm a grown ass man, which means I work and can purchase consumer electronics when I please. Not meaning to brag about the vast wealth I have as a middle enlisted person, but I'm happy to no longer depend on Santa Clause to get what I want. I've been mulling over getting a new TV. I keep putting it off cause they get cheaper and better as time goes on. If I got a TV for Christmas I'd be happy and grateful, but I still wouldn't lose my shit over, cause if I really wanted one bad enough I'd go buy myself already.
In short, If I were so bad off financially to depend on Santa for a gaming console, then I would have bigger concerns other than what video games I should play.

if you don't have kids, what the fuck are you doing with a christmas tree?

Not being able to enjoy a nice christmas tree without kids or presents under it doesn't make you a real grown-up, PD.

Well, that's a particularly hilarious inversion fallacy.

Caminante Nocturno
The feline race has never forgiven mankind for allowing the Dreamcast to fail, and they will lash out at any reminder of this console betrayal.
hey maybe now he can level up and find the magical kingdom of dignity
Binro the Heretic
Jesus! Right for the fucking jugular, man.
that is a good cat.

What predators do when they hear "prey" noises!

Back...and to the left.

Back...and...to the left.
The Mothership
i refuse to believe that this young man didn't have a playstation before this.
No MOM! I have the Playstation 3, I want the Playstation 4!

Spit Spingola
Basically a perfect 8 second video.
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