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Desc:Rogue One's best performer, everyone.
Category:Arts, Classic Movies
Tags:Star Wars, peter cushing, carpet slippers
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B. Weed
What a dearie.
When I was older and saw him in Hammer movies and such I was confused because he often played the good guy. Doctor Who even.
Two Jar Slave
Peter Cushing, 1959's Hound of the Baskervilles. Not my favourite Holmes story, but quite possibly the best Holmes set to film. He strikes a wonderful balance between Rathbone's swuave and Brett's mania. Basically pitch-perfect. Check it if you haven't.

The Mothership
This is darling.
Fuck Alderaan and bring me my crumpets.
I never thought of the Imperial uniforms as being like an Edwardian chauffeur and now I can not unsee it.
He was the best Doctor Who you're not allowed to talk about.
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