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Desc:Imagine a 'Last of Us' movie.
Category:Trailers, Humor
Tags:zombie, The Girl with All the Gifts, Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton
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Comment count is 11
So it's like Z Nation but without the grindhouse elements and comedy and the savior of mankind is a little girl instead of a white collar criminal.
"Imagine a 'Last of Us' movie."

is that supposed to mean something?
All zombie movies mean something, whether they are higher examples of the theme or mindless copies. White Zombie. the first zombie film ever, was a subconscious work of paranoia about what would happen if white people became enslaved by their slaves. Since then zombie films have echoed that theme, re-inventing themselves to mirror aspects of the Cold War (Romero's claims, at least), the experience of war veterans (Death Dream and too many others to mention), consumerism (common theme for decades), cultural decadence (the "zombie film parody," Shaun of the Dead) the age of narcissism (Charlie Brooker etc.), and finally comment on our trust in our institutions and their ability to maintain order with ever-growing knowledge of things that can destroy us (28 days later and other pandemic themes). Maybe this movie is another installation to the latter, but I haven't seen it.

I'm completely burnt out on zombies.
I don't know how much brains the zombie genre has left to eat, so to speak, but I think this this might have something to do with multiculturalism being a failure or xenophobia and tolerance or something. That seems to be the zeitgeist I guess.

I'd argue that "It has to be ABOUT something!" has been a detriment to zombie movies.

The best ones just had fun with the scenario (Dawn of the Dead remake, first half of 28 Days Later), and the worst ones tend to be the ones that most heavily push "this is important, this means something *mashed potatoes*" (the last half of 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Land of the Dead).

slow zombies suck

Fast zombies are fucking stupid.

Too tough of a target for the gun nut?

Fast zombies are stupid. Zombies are a creeping terror that overtake their victims by their numbers and relentless hunger for flesh. Walking Dead portrays that perfectly.

Hard to be a gun nut when you believe in reasonable regulation and don't even own one.

Slow zombies are the only canon. Anything else is childish garbage.

Cena has it right. The Walking Dead unfortunately has trivialized the danger they pose.

What do you do when a cluster with the population of rhode island surrounds you because you're one of the only groups of humans left, and there's miles of zombies pressing in from every direction? That is the real threat, not wandering mobs.

The true horror of zombies is their inexorable, inevitable victory.

The Walking Dead, the perfect storytelling!

Now I know HomerMark is fucking with me.

Amusingly enough, there has been a "The Last of Us" movie in production since early 2014, and it's been festering in development hell since mid 2015.
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