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Desc:Intro to the 1997 PS1 horse breeding game.
Category:Video Games
Tags:Japan, Horses
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Comment count is 13
I love the random ass canned Premiere transitions.
The PlayStation might have been the last major game console with tons of completely amateurish productions. A magical time.
The PS2 had quite a lot, but not nearly as much.

Now all the amateurish and licensed shovelware has been regulated to smartphone/tablet gaming, sadly.

Last CONSOLE, sure, but steam has let some real fucking stinkers slip through on PC for the last few years.

That's true Gmork. Steam is a treasure trove of utter shit.

I mean there's good stuff too but it's floating on top of a proverbial ocean of shit.

Monkey Napoleon
When I had an Xbox 360, Xbox Live Indie Games was a post-apocalyptic wasteland of just absolutely inept games that would make inept mobile phone game makers cringe.

I would always browse them looking for something to spend my remaining points on, since I'd always have like $1.50 worth of points left over after buying something and most "titles" on the channel were $1.

I only ever found one thing out of thousands upon thousands.

The Nintendo DS had a SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT ton of them. Not sure about the DS3, still using my old electric blue DS Phat.

All my stars for all of this
Was that a quick cut of her beating it off at :59ish?

A sensitive horse breeder knows when her stud is ready to contribute.

Mother Lumper
Have to get that white gold somehow.

Equus is the best game ever.
Let's race, Hannah!
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