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Desc:You should be very proud!
Category:Classic TV Clips, General Station
Tags:Friendship, freemason, vhs, short and sweet, no spoilers in tags
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Comment count is 8
Thanks, dude. I appreciate it.
Finally a way to feel good about the closing of the year.
I have seen this video.

Also I will happily invite anybody in the Seattle area to a Burns Night Dinner, it is fantastic.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
An analog synth thingie I attended used the masonic hall in Dublin as the venue. The building was half the attraction. Was filled with all kinds of weird stuff. I gathered that mason really really really like symbols.
I found out last year that the place I work was founded primarily by freemasons.

I joined the Freemasons on a whim, and I was honestly quite shocked that they accepted me. I've met more weirdos, eccentrics and genuine oddballs in no other place then HERE. They're wonderful.

My father and his father were both past masters. I avoided the whole club altogether. But I did get into reading John J Robinson's Born In Blood which took one of the first historically researched claims of links to the Order Of Solomon (Templars) and theory on becoming a secret society because Rome wanted them all burned to a crisp It didn't have the typically bad theorizing of the other tin hat research. Robinson's books got me hooked on Templar history. But it never convinced me to be a Freemason.

The rule I've found to be true: Freemasons get off on being spooky. I admit to that even in myself. BUT: anything prior to 1717 is bullshit, in my opinion.

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