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Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:racism, kkk, Castle Crashers, misguided
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Comment count is 10
FeeFiFoFoTheFifeFifeBrown - 2007-04-28
Well, I guess
kingarthur - 2007-04-28
Made no sense until the gollywog guys showed up at the end.
Caminante - 2007-04-28
eatenmyeyes - 2007-04-28
Skip to 3:35 in this vid for more insight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqQmCbuvTjs
jim - 2007-04-28
weird. after listening to her i feel like making cheap nigger jokes...
arjay - 2007-04-28
Nappy ho.
xenocide - 2007-04-28
This game STILL isn't out yet! I want to kill me some africans!
garcet71283 - 2007-04-28
They aren't pure white....see...they have green, blue, red and yellow too :P
fluffy - 2007-04-29
If you look at the media on castlecrashers.com it looks like they've reworked the graphics a lot
kthorjensen - 2007-06-19
Thank you for clarifying that your children are black, ma'am.
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