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Desc:The Nature Boy Ric Flair cuts some promos for the Allies
Category:Video Games, Short Films
Tags:wrestling, Ric Flair, red alert, Command and Conquer
Submitted:blue vein steel
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Comment count is 10
I wish Ric Flair did more acting.
The line about the red barrels being filled with candy is amazing and deserves its own YTMND.

Also, what is this for him? An afternoon's worth of work? He's a genius.
Probably. No costume or set changes. Just get him ready to go and deliver his lines.

What's that speech pattern where every word sounds like it is teatering on the cusp of being the wrong word?

Oh yeah, drunk.
Cheech? About defeats?
An old man reading lines off a page.
That's Ric Flair, show some respect. He's tied with John Cena in having the most world championship reigns ever.

Shanghai Tippytap
i remember reading that ric had no recollection of working on red alert 3, likely due to being drunk as hell

that game was a real mess on a lot of levels, and was a pretty big nail in the c&c coffin
Caminante Nocturno
Whatever problems Red Alert 3 had, they were nothing compared to Command & Conquer 4, which got every single thing wrong.

Really? I thought it was the best of the Red Alert series.

RA1- Classic, getting to be Stalin's right hand dude. The gameplay? Horribly outdated.

RA2- Ridiculously unbalanced in favor of the Allies

RA3- Much better balance while making the factions different. The only downside was them giving EVERY unit an alt-fire mode, which was crazy to micromanage in a fast paced red alert game.

Cam is right. C&C 3 & 4 were the coffin nails.

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