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cognitivedissonance - 2017-01-07

The papal tiara hasn't been used since the death of Pius XII, and using it now would be extremely problematic given that Vatican City is not the same as the pre-Mussolini Papal States. And given the difficulty of the Church's desire to renew Communion with the Orthodox and Anglican communions, bringing it back would be a dangerously symbolic act. For all of it'a misfirings, Vatican II did actually listen to the Protestants and brought the Church out of pretension to physical dominion.

kingarthur - 2017-01-08

Eh, ye Protties and yere new found religion o' die-vorce! We neva should 'av gone and taken the Latin outta mass!

Maggot Brain - 2017-01-08

I think that's kind of the point of the show. Jude Law's character wants to take the Roman Catholic Church to the "true church" thus the Papal Tiara.

Also the scripting of the show sucks and Jude Law's accent American is all over the place.

bawbag - 2017-01-07


bawbag - 2017-01-07

Also Jude Law's hairline is at that stage where he needs to accept it, shave it all or go full Elton.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2017-01-07

This might be the worst choice of music and editing to go with it that I've ever seen in anything ever.

infinite zest - 2017-01-08

Oh poo. Breaking Bad, Saul, etc. make contextually weird song choices all the time, and do I need to bring up The Soprano's use of Journey before Journey became ironic-awesome again?

This was a great show, one of the best I've seen since Rectify (or Preacher, Atlanta, The Crown.. damn there were a lot of good shows in 2016.) I know it's coming out on HBO soon but it's been over on Sky (I think) Network for at least a couple of months, so you can just torrent it.

Sexy Duck Cop - 2017-01-08

At least this isn't just uploading your mom's iTunes playlist like Suicide Squad.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2017-01-08

I don't doubt you guys are right, but this is still, like I said, the worst I've ever seen.

I've never seen Breaking Bad, or Saul, or The Sopranos, or Suicide Squad.

Sexy Duck Cop - 2017-01-26

If you have any appreciation for a fascinating train wreck, Suicide Squad is worth a morbid watch. If you have any appreciation for the best goddamned thing ever, watch Breaking Bad. It's prestige drama with mustard gas zombies, exploding ceiling guts, and musical montages.

Hooker - 2017-01-07

This is hilarious. Is the whole show this pointless?

infinite zest - 2017-01-08

Pointless as the Pope, yes.

The Mothership - 2017-01-08

Diane Keaton, NO!

Nominal - 2017-01-08

Nothing beats Sam Neil as Cardinal Wolsey in The Tutors calling another cardinal a bearded cunt.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-01-08

The Tudors is an underrated masterpiece.

Nominal - 2017-01-08

The first season anyway. It all really went downhill once Sam Neil left. The dynamic of him placating a spoiled psychotic king was what drove the show and they never replaced it with anything comparable after.

kingarthur - 2017-01-08


chumbucket - 2017-01-08

The Bishop????? :o

Bort - 2017-01-08

I've seen it done better:


betamaxed - 2017-01-08

You have to love how HBO makes complete gutter trash but somehow convinces people that their shows are somehow better than trash.

Anaxagoras - 2017-01-08

I unironically dig this scene.

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