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Desc:Are you a junkie that caries their poop in a briefcase? AstraZeneca can help.
Category:Advertisements, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:heroin, drugs, poop, Addiction, big pharma
Submitted:Maggot Brain
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Comment count is 12
betamaxed - 2017-01-16
Now we have something we can take when we're so strung out on legal smack that we all can't take a normal shit anymore.
Xenocide - 2017-01-16
To be fair, I'd probably need lots of drugs too if I had a giant walking man-sized pill that followed me everywhere I went. What does it want? Why does it want to get caricatures? Why does it insist on joining me in the shower?

fedex - 2017-01-16
Are you fucking kidding me?!? That thing looks like it is at least 40-60kilos of pure shit. I would just cut a slice off a time to keep myself in style, and do the rest until it couldn't walk anymore, then into the freezer with it.

fedex - 2017-01-17
sell it! sell the rest

Xenocide - 2017-01-16
Are you taking lots of pills? That's too bad! Sounds like what you need is PILLS!
Oscar Wildcat - 2017-01-16
Help Doc! I've got a monkey on my back and a briefcase full of shit!

kingarthur - 2017-01-16
I wonder if this helps with Zofran. That shit'll sure stop the nausea but it'll also stop you up for days...
Oscar Wildcat - 2017-01-16
Nausea from chemo? Ask your doctor if cannabis is right for you.

Hooker - 2017-01-17
Sorry, in this commercial for a drug to cure bowl blockage, did it say, "do not take Movantik if you have a bowl blockage"? (This is right before it warned that Movantik will tear your stomach in half)
RabbitMountain - 2017-01-17
Typical US pharmaceutical ad. Most ads gleefully explained their extreme side effects coupled with imagery of puppies and rainbows and old people.

I remember an AD for a diabetic medication a couple of years ago which casually announced that several trial patients had developed blood clots and should not be taken if the person has poor circulation... a side effect of diabetes.

Raggamuffin - 2017-01-17
I saw one for some nasal spray where it actually warned that "science does not understand how [the medicine] works"

memedumpster - 2017-01-17
If Vioxx is any indication, this drug will only have to kill 55,000 people before it is considered worthy of recalling, but only after a conspiracy to hide the data from the public is revealed.
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