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Desc:Crash Course Philosophy #8
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:Einstein, Freud, karl popper, Crash Course, pbs digital studios
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Comment count is 17
Scattersane - 2017-01-15
Am I alone in liking Hank more than John? Hank's style seems less jumpy. And he's also more my type.
bawbag - 2017-01-15

glasseye - 2017-01-15
I like 'em both. I lean slightly towards John since he talks so openly about his mental illness, and I admire that.

William Burns - 2017-01-15
Your opinion is 100% accurate.
poorwill - 2017-01-15
Popper should be better-known and better-respected - I think if he was more people would respect philosophy in general - but he got a little too real for too many people, trod on a lot of academic toes. I mean, like it says in the video: pretty well everybody accepts his best ideas - they just don't like all of the implications so they try to ignore/dismiss them. Still, being cursed with "scientist's philosopher" status beats "philosopher's philosopher" any day. Fuck 'em.
Old_Zircon - 2017-01-16
I wish the people who made this clip could go back in time and explain some stuff to whoever the people at PBS who decided to give so much free publicity and credibility to Milton Friedman.

15th - 2017-01-15
To be fair, he used to wear his mom's heels while he wrote.
jfcaron_ca - 2017-01-15
I remember once hearing that scientists generally follow the Philosophy of Science of the previous generation, so the scientists working in the mid-90s to now are basically on Popper.

Definitely philosophy of science should be way more known among the public, but also among scientists. I'm amazed at how little some of my fellow scientists appreciate philosophy. Then again there're the rare assholes and name-drop obscure philosophers at a physicist party just to seem smart.
jfcaron_ca - 2017-01-15

Old_Zircon - 2017-01-16
That lines up pretty well with what I always heard about how the cutting edge of thought in any field takes about 30 years to become the status quo.

My guess is that a lot of it has to do with how we form memories during adolescence.

Old_Zircon - 2017-01-16

exy - 2017-01-16
This (that you basically gotta wait for the old scientists to die off) is the line Kuhn takes in his "Scientific Revolutions" screed, which I think says some interesting stuff in its broad strokes but which helps itself to quite a few conclusions along the way.

memedumpster - 2017-01-17
There's a push for theoretical physics to do away with falsification... because they are fucking morons who are useless to physics and they know it.

exy - 2017-01-17
And granted, Kuhn was talking more about the content of scientific theories (say, the scientific model of the atom) more than philosophical differences, or meta-theory, like falsification. If a wave of physicists wants to abandon Popperism, then they can indeed go fuck themselves.

Toward that, recently read all but the last half-chapter of Tegmark's "Our Mathematical Universe," right to the point where the crazy unsupported conjectures outpaced my patience, as much as I wanted to find something to believe in there.

memedumpster - 2017-01-17
JF, if you know Sean Carroll personally (because all you scientists know each other), please tell him he broke my heart, I will be returning his Rush CDs, and he no longer my scifu.

http://www.preposterousuniverse.com/blog/2014/01/14/what-scien tific-ideas-are-ready-for-retirement/

exy - 2017-01-17
I liked this.
cognitivedissonance - 2017-01-17
What will the hip young thinkers with no academic tenure structure due to systemic dismantling of it in the service of pseudoscientific fortune do when Squarespace becomes obsolete?
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