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Desc:A proud moment for fat boys everywhere
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:monster, Shotgun, creature, squad, Black Lagoon
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Comment count is 11
+1 star for the Wonder Years-older-brother sighting.
Do you really want to be called HORACE though?
Gill Man was the most useless member of the Bad Guy Team.
bakune young
yeah, the creature was always just a big pussy.
too bad horace died later in life. i miss the pudgy little bugger
I hope they got Jeff "Chunk" Cohen to give his eulogy
Kid (pointing to 5 year old): "Is she a virgin?" Old Man (excited): "Yes!"
Calamity Jon
I've never seen this movie, so maybe someone can explain to me what sort of life that old man's lived where he's SURPRISED and DELIGHTED to find a five year old virgin?
One that's searching desperately for a way to defeat Dracula. Duh.

In the film, the protagonists had found a spell to banish a group of monsters led by Dracula back to the dimension they came from. The spell needed to be recited by a virgin female. Turns out the first girl they picked already had her cherry popped, so one of the team suggested his little sister as a backup reader.

Horsecock Johnson, M.D.
Ranks with "The Goonies" as a film that made my childhood awesome.
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