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Desc:i thought this might warrant discussion as i found it to be a real head scratcher personally
Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:controversial, Adult Swim, million dollar extreme, Sam Hyde, alt right
Submitted:shrike the halls
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Comment count is 17
15th - 2017-01-21
It's too bad it was cancelled. Like all their stuff, it was hit and miss, but still better than the majority of toothless indie comedy or whatever you want to call it.
Monkey Napoleon - 2017-01-21
This particular episode is more or less tame. They're not all like that.

There was this one bit they did in a different episode that was like a satire of dating shows that was really offensive. The gist of it was "women are lazy whores". The no-name actresses they hired were either *really* good (kind of doubtful), or they looked genuinely upset.

Doc Victor - 2017-01-21
If that sketch with the women made you uncomfortable then it did its job. I find their execution to be pretty deft.

SolRo - 2017-01-21
blatant evilhomering
bawbag - 2017-01-21
Nah SolRo, it's orcs.

Aside from content, delivery, reference in the username that gmork noted, he disappeared when I mentioned his name (all of which is already on PoETV actually before the nutcases from last night go on about doxxing again).

William Burns - 2017-01-21
Hyperion was pretty entertaining series. Dan Simmons is a paranoid lunatic, however.

Full disclosure, I once made a model shrike with eyes that lit up.

Gmork - 2017-01-21
That's awesome, william.

It's pretty clear why orcs loved dan simmons so much - in his Ilium/Olympos books, the future earth has been all but destroyed by a worldwide muslim caliphate.

Bootymarch - 2017-01-21
I do kickers, I do, fucking, twisters
Xenocide - 2017-01-21
I can't believe Tim Heidecker hired ninjas to murder Sam Hyde. :(
cognitivedissonance - 2017-01-21
What biting, clever satire of political incorrectness gone mad! Way to take those so-called experts down a peg!
wtf japan - 2017-01-21
I think MDE is hilarious, and I hate everything Sam Hyde is about, so there's that. Shouldn't have been cancelled.
Rangoon - 2017-01-21
MDE was great, but I wasn't surprised to find out it got shitcanned.
BHWW - 2017-01-21
It shouldn't have gotten shitcanned as the ratings were actually pretty good and the Adult Swim people were pretty supportive but the Turner people got nervous thanks to all of the overheated nonsense spurred on by Buzzfeed about how this was a show made by militant Neo-Nazis, or something. Like, one of the illustrations used in the bumpers was a scribbly mess that had originally been drawn by a schizophrenic, and in one corner where it was a bit hard to see was something like a swastika amongst the lines before it was caught - this was transformed into "NEONAZI COMEDY TROUPE TRIES TO SNEAK HIDDEN NAZI MESSAGES ON THE AIR" and other such nonsense spread around Clickbait media sites by credulous morons.

On the bright side, they're still producing videos and the collective book project "How to Bomb the US Government" featuring input from a wide variety sold out and there was talk of a second printing as well as an e-Book.
GQ - 2017-01-21
Well, the illustration was not drawn by just "a schizophrenic"; it was drawn by Dylann Roof, a racist murderer. Also Sam Hyde pals around in person with a Neo-Nazi who writes and publishes a major Neo-Nazi newsletter.

Shanghai Tippytap - 2017-01-21
what was your take on the "JEWS ROCK" segment? apparently they had to change it from the original song "JEWS RULE"

Maggot Brain - 2017-01-21
I get it. It's funny because it's not funny. I don't get it.
Spit Spingola - 2017-01-21
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