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Desc:It's exactly what you'd expect.
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:Denial, Media, wtf america, trump, also his balls are tiny
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Comment count is 99
America is really amazing.

You elect your first black president and then follow that up by electing your first fascist president.
even his press secretary looks like a god damn SS goon.

You're really not letting that whole "I don't really know what fascist means but I'm going to keep screaming it flippantly as if I do" thing go, are you?

You sure do love you some jackbooted fascism, don't ya DQL?

I woke up yesterday with a grim sense of resignation, and as the day went on, and I saw what a massive, humiliating clusterfuck that parade was, how literally nothing was good enough, the miniscule crowds, the look of genuine loathing between Donald and Melania, how nobody really wanted to be there, and I started to feel upbeat. He failed the *first test* of any fascist regime: organizing a parade. Organizing a parade is the first thing any fascist should be capable of doing. That is the acid test of any would be Mussolini.

Then I saw the Women's Marches today, and I'm downright triumphalist. We got this goon. Then the Spicer thing. Out in the real world, there aren't sockpuppet accounts. His Achilles heel is his lack of legitimacy, and his tragic flaw is his inability to distract himself from petty tit for tat. Just keep up on the legitimacy issue and he's got nothing. That's the only thing he wants and he can't be allowed to have it.

Shanghai Tippytap
nobody cares

america doesnt protest, they vote

house and senate will be republican for the next fifty years

who would have guessed DQL was a bootlicker? Oh wait, anyone who has endured his (or her) years-long "ironic" racist, "lol randomz" 4chan/reddit performance piece bullshit act (which isn't an act when you do it for literally FUCKING YEARS, btw).

Fuck off dairyqueenlatifah you worthless shit-eating animal.

Here are the 14 points of fascism and how Trump fits them.
1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism - "Make America Great Again!"
2.Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights - Donald's open sanctioning of torture
3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause - Muslims or Mexicans take your pick.
4. Supremacy of the Military - Trump saying he'll "rebuild our military" like it was even broken.
5. Rampant Sexism - Donald's sexism is a matter of public record
6. Controlled Mass Media - Donald is advocating being able to sue any media outlet that writes something bad about him.
7. Obsession with National Security - Donald has played the terrorism card over and over again.
8. Religion and Government are Intertwined - Donald frequently questions the faith of his opponents and has even had a fight with the Pope over faith.
9. Corporate Power is Protected - One look at Donald's economic plans will show you that.
10. Labor Power is Suppressed - Donald favors taking down the unions.
11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts - In fairness Donald shows a lot of disdain these are just among them
12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment - A major part of his campaign
13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption - He scores huge here!
14. Fraudulent Elections - Somewhat possible.

The Trumpster excuses are getting more and more transparent.

Throughout the election, all we heard was "HE HAS NEAR-UNIVERSAL SUPPORT, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE CROWDS AT HIS RALLIES." You kids couldn't shut up about the size of those crowds.

Now that the other side is marching, suddenly crowd sizes don't matter and "Americans don't protest."

The road to the Trump presidency began with the Tea Party rallies of 2009. Those made a hell of a difference. And they were nothing compared to the size of the Women's March.

Also, echoing Cognitivedissonance's comments. Trump is a fascist piece of crap but lucky for us he's also spectacularly incompetent.

Trump inspired more grotesquely obese women to get up and move around on his first day in office than Michelle Obama did in eight years.

You reg-lefties are fascists.

1.) Not my president.
2.) Promotion of mob violence and oppression of speech, like Shit Europe.
3.) White people, anyone of color not down for violence.
4.) Obama dropped 50,000 bombs in two years and you all fucking worship it.
5.) Men in general, any woman who didn't vote for Herr Klinton.
6.) Approves of candidate who colluded with the media and was caught.
7.) Wants crackdown on political opponents, screeches about danger to nation.
8.) Worships Marx, Castro, other dictators as State Godfathers.
9.) Approved of monopolies and bailouts when your cult leader did it.
10.) Don't want people you don't like to have jobs.
11.) You all have complete disdain for critical thinking, prefer animal violence.
12.) Obsession with punishing speech.
13.) Colluded with media, corporate patrons, in smear campaign.
14.) Rigged primaries are fine when your cult leader does it.

I am not kidding when I say the moment you shits resort to violence, it's justified to kill you. You're not good people.

did someone rape the sanity out of you in prison meme?

15.) Approves of rape against political opponents.

Oscar Wildcat
Five stars for using the EvilHomerForce, Meme. Did you have to kill him to gain his powers? Kewl!

Oscar, you can approve of violent revolt against speech all you like, just don't assault someone for having a differing opinion than you.

The moment you do, you forfeit your safety. Violence is not protected speech and if someone plugs you, you had it coming.

I didn't approve it. I just want you to point on the doll where the scary black man touched you.

16.) Racist and assumes black people are rapists.

Oscar Wildcat
Actually I'm not sure where I stand on the issue. I'm a pragmatist by nature: there are times when conflict is inevitable and bombs will fly. Yet, people of violent means come to violent ends. I would differentiate between those who use violence to assert their will and those who use it to defend their lives. The nature of the physical universe necessitates the latter, but I would argue, not the former.

As do I, Oscar, which is why I say when progressives get violent trying to be antifa shitstains trying to assert their will, like they have in Saudi Europa, it is justifiable to blow their brains out to defend your life.

First person to kill Batman is a true American.

memedumpster is 50% genial wit and 50% incurable misanthrope and I'm not sure why people act all shocked when the latter pops up every other month.

Basically meme has embraced his inner fascist and has instated the death penalty for any form of violence, no matter how minor.

Hahaha, minor violence.



"You see, your honor, when I went to silence that piece of shit who dared speak in my presence with my protected right to cause physical harm to all who disagree with me, I had an expectation of 's'okay, bro, just fists, mate."

No violence is minor, fuck you. You minor violence your spouse when they burn dinner too?

You can call me what you like, you committing violence on people for having a differing opinion is not sacred and you should get wrecked to hell for it.

Right Hanz, just murder anyone that dares resist your beautiful white ideology.

We all know you're a sheltered little snowflake because you're stupid enough to think Nazi white supremacists that advocate violence against the 'untermensch' should be protected.

You're fucking stupid and delusional.

People like you stood by and watched.

Right, because if I don't approve of you beating the shit out of people for speaking and getting away with it, I'm the violent one.

You, like all regressives, will say any lie it takes to get away with being the thing you so-called resist. I'm a fascist because I wont let you harm people.

Fuck you.

Stood by and watched what, them speak? They get to speak, asshole. It's when fascists attack people for being different, like you blatantly state you want to do, that ending them is appropriate.

You are an authoritarian violence worshiping dipshit, and you deserve what you get for acting like an animal to people.

you literally said people should be murdered for punching a Nazi.

that's what you said.

you're trash.

meme is 100% doing a bit. hahaha

People have a right to kill someone who attacks them for speaking, regardless of what they say. It's self fucking defense. You don't want to die, you don't assault people. Assault is not protected fucking speech.

You don't get to respond with your fists against words. You want the right to be able to physically abuse anyone who disagrees with you? Fuck you.

Better free trash than a fascist crybully.

Keep barking like a bitch, at least you're not shooting up a restaurant because the menu has an American flag on it and you're triggered.

I am not doing a bit.

I am telling you violent fucking morons do not get to assault whomever they like, that European mob violence shit really does need to end with the mobs being gunned the fuck down.

trash spews some trash, movie at 11!

Donald Trump is a shit human being, and violence snowflakes like SolRo, who wants to victimize people and have special safe space protection from their own victims, will ensure he gets eight years.

You're the kind of useful idiot he thrives on. Just like how jihadis (who also believe they can victimize people for whatever suits them with no repercussions) benefit the hell out of regimes like Saudi Arabia.

You really are exceptionally stupid.

'european mob violence'


You both think violence is a game and people who speak incorrectly to your feelings have it coming.

You both really are some serious proto-fascists.

This is not a goddamned game. You're psychopaths.

And this is why violence worshiping psychos should be allowed to speak, so everyone else can see it.

In your world, you'd have been beaten silent for even responding to me, because might makes right to animals. The fact you roam the streets and may one day decide to attack someone because you don't like the way they look needs to be known before it happens, so people know they live in a society with violence-mongers.

You're literally protecting a Nazis right to promote violence.

You're literally retarded.

Doc Victor
Psychopaths? No. Voyeurs? Absolutely!

Doc Victor
Someone chirp up and let me know what they have done to eradicate their enemies lately. Whomever they may be. It's fine and good to rest on grandpas laurels but gosh darn it the rubber has to meet the road eventually!

Wow, Spencer got punched so hard it knocked the sanity right out of Meme.

lol still not buying this face-heel turn meme. Gotta put less egg in that pudding.

xenocide, memedumpster has always been this much of a stupid cunt. always.

Sure, he's a giant baby about everything, but doesn't he have, you know, handlers to keep the pants-pissing out of the spot-light?

Will they establish a weekly Sunday morning conference to say that SNL has low ratings and is bad and unfair? Please do.
I'm sure they can squeeze in watering down the first amendment to the point trump can legally sue anyone for making fun of him in between destroying healthcare and multiple government agencies.

If we haven't started the poeTV 2017 death poll yet I'm placing my caps on 99.9% of humanity.
Wow. Is this really this guy's first order of business? To discuss how mats may have made the crowd seem smaller?
I guarantee that Trump himself ordered that to be the priority. The dude loves his "giant crowds" and he can't fucking stand the fact that he got a pathetically small turnout for his inauguration. Protecting his fragile, tiny ego will be Trump's top priority for the next four years.

Wonder what they'll have to say about the half-million protestors who showed up to dwarf his turnout today.

The brashness of the lies is how you know it came from the man itself. Anyone halfway semi-competent press secretary could spin the inauguration crowd down to not-a-big-deal status easily but these guys had to go with "biggest crowd ever!"

D's turn into B's so easily, guys.

They reprimanded the National Park Service for retweeting an article that talked about the inaugural turnout, when they were allowed to tweet again they had to grovel and apologize for doing it. Just acknowledging the nature of observed reality, on the National Mall which is a National Park, was not allowed for the National Park Service.

Xenocide, definitely. This has his tiny hand prints all over it. I was hoping there would be people that would reign in his grade school level "best birthday pool party ever" attitude.

John Holmes Motherfucker
He signed the first executive orders to tske sway people's health insurance before going to the first insugural ball. So no.
And drive catefully, everybody.

Binro the Heretic
Reminded me of Terry Jones in "Eric the Viking."
William Burns
Also his hands are tiny
Trash breeds trash. And also highly compensatory, hostile little men who broadcast their utter physical and mental impotence as loudly as possible thinking it makes them look strong.
But it also bred an amazing turn out of women's rights protestors! Obama was the tea partie's boogie man and it produced Trump. Maybe the left is going to come back yuge.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a new administration in the most powerful country on Earth. I am proud to be a part of the grand tradition of White House Press Secretaries.

"I'd like to begin today by crying like a toddler about how the press are a bunch of meanie-pants."

What a completely amazing fucking petulant, obviously retarded bunch of bullshit. Waiting for the "all news must be approved by the President" announcement--this should be fun. It's almost to the point where I expect to find Fox News going, "I don't know, guys, this dude is crazy."
Fucking shit, it keeps coming. This guy is talking about him like he's Don Jong-Il

Rodents of Unusual Size
There is a very North Korean vibe to the part where he's reporting about how well received Trump was by the CIA. Really? Well thanks for the update, Skippy.

Also, "President NiAHTO"

It's going to be fun watching these people pronounce foreign names over the next term.

It's gonna be fun watching Spicer try to pronounce anything. But he'll be canned quickly--just as soon as Trump figures he's paid whatever debt--because he's such a poor speaker.

By "fun" I mean "terrifying," in the sense that I'm basically giving us 'til approximately tomorrow (Trump's last "first day" in office) until the announcement of some kind of media crackdown.


As you know, our first press briefing is on Monday. However, we in the Trump administration have felt the need to clear up a couple issues.

Specifically, two tweets were made that we feel are incorrect.
I love it. I love it that he's failing so miserably right out of the gate with what should be hi show of strength. I love the we have direct action on our side. I love that we're protesting.

Let's just please not hand this momentum back to the neoliberal democrats in two to four years, okay? Please? I'm fine with the solution coming from within the Democratic party but we need to vet our politicians with some serious anti-neolib litmus tests.
Oh Christ almighty, quit making like "neoliberals" (a term you throw around with abandon) are the enemies of all that is good and decent. Stein supporters alone in three states could have pushed Hillary to victory, but they were too busy demonizing her to keep Trump out of office. You don't get to pretend you have good ideas.

https://medium.com/@sammystyle77/the-nihilistic-purity-of-the- far-left-will-kill-us-all-54169b25e3a8

Quoting from that link:


You Bernie Bros aren’t fooling anybody by having one set of standards for Sanders and those who pledge complete allegiance to him (like Tulsi Gabbard and Keith Ellison) and a completely different set of standards for every other Democratic politician — and it’s very clear by now that Sanders himself knows this and loves every bit of it. It’s obvious that it’s just fine for Bernie to have shitty votes on his record (like voting against immigration reform, against closing Gitmo, siding with the Republicans on gun control multiple times, and actively pushed a bill to dump nuclear waste from Vermont and Maine to Sierra Blanca, TX which severely impacted a poor Latinx community) because he’s just “looking out for his constituents in Vermont” but any other Dem who has ONE shitty vote on their record is a “neoliberal corporate shill” who’s “doing the bidding of the 1%”. And I just love how you motherfuckers are happily tearing down Booker for accepting Big Pharma money to fund his 2014 Senate campaign but don’t say jack shit about Sanders taking more than $300,000 from the pharmaceutical industry in 2016 — only two senators accepted more (and neither one was Booker). You don’t say a damn thing about Sanders OWNING STOCK in Pfizer and investing in Novartis. Or the fact that he’s still profiting from the Sierra Blanca toxic waste site and his wife Jane remains part of the commission that oversaw the site. Imagine how much more we would know about Bernie Sanders financial ties if he actually disclosed his personal finances during his 2016 presidential campaign?

William Burns
Boy, you must really like NAFTA and the eight wars we're fighting right now, Bort.

Wish I'd known about Sanders' ties to Wall Street a few months ago, because holy shit what a fucking hypocrite:

http://garnetnews.com/2016/04/04/bernie-sanders-invested-wall- street/

Your smoking gun is Sanders has a 401k? This is less intellectually honest than EvilHomer.

Bort, just because some of us voted Sanders in the primary does not mean we are ferverent supporters, like yourself. Outside of flawed voting recorders, the qualitative appeal of Sanders was that he seemed like the closest approximation to a human being. How silly.

I'm sorry your candidate couldn't best an incompetent Tv star, but it's over. We forgive you.

"Your smoking gun is Sanders has a 401k? This is less intellectually honest than EvilHomer."

By the standards of Sanders supporters, that is enough to damn any other politician for all time. Which is the point. I'm not the one who said getting paid to speak for Goldman Sachs, or investing in companies, or taking corporate donations renders a candidate intolerably compromised.

Do follow along, it isn't that hard.

I will never vote for a candidate the reg-left endorses unless they do so unawares that they are not for their policies.

First party offers anti-authoritarians stays in office.

It is amazing to me how batshit insane and on the verge of being rabid dogs the reg-left is. At least right wing authoritarians can play the long game, the left just implodes into cannibalism immediately. That is not sane.

It is no secret the reason why Donald Trump's inability to have any stoic response to stimulus triggers them so hard, they lack the same capacity. I truly believe Trump used to be a Democrat, he acts just like a reg-lefty emotionally.

Oscar Wildcat
Actually, Donald was a registered Democrat for some time. I don't think he changed party affiliation until he started running for president, but I'd have to check.

I for one think it is hilarious Don is such a special snowflake. He's gonna be the pinata-in-chief once it dawns on people that you can make great bank as Donald's enemy, but you get humiliated and destroyed if you are his friend.

Bort is 100% right, but I can't bring myself agree with him because memedumpster - pound for pound the worst poster on the site - does. I am part of the problem.

He is very progressive, our first strawman president.

Reg-left calls to terrorism will keep in him in for eight years and clean the Democrats out of government in 2018 as Democrat = terrorist becomes a meme.

poorwill, just don't suicide bomb anyone and we're fine.

Let me just ask this question: how can DNC candidates possibly satisfy the requirement of "not being neoliberals" when the Left's dream candidates are themselves equally deserving of the name?

There are some Democrats that came out against trade deals that let corporations rewrite the laws they don't agree with against the people of the nations they trade with. They are the primary reason everyone hates the TPP and are glad it's dead. Unfortunately, the conflict isn't over, some existing trade deals still allow for corporate tyranny, and the show's not over for the oligarchy, we're still all expendable.

Those Democrats no doubt realized by now that their party is against anything less than corporate tyranny, like a good chunk of Republicans realized years ago.

I think it will take the end of both major parties to make a dent in the ongoing drive to corporate tyranny. I also think we're well on our way to that. The Donald, in all his glorious incompetence, doesn't just represent Republicans, he represents partisan politics as a whole.

I expect partisan terrorism in defense of corporate tyranny disguised as social cleansing will increase as a growing pain of our democracy. You will note that the terrorists will challenge the staples of egalitarian society, like how regressives want to silence free speech by using violence.

They will fail because it was predicted centuries ago, and our government is designed to turn against itself when one side of it becomes authoritarian. This is happening.

Another obvious weasel tactic regressives use is "all capitalism is bad, we need a socialist dystopia with tyrants who redistribute all wealth and oppress dissent" as a way to make the rest of us accept the shit state of capitalism as it is. The truth is capitalism can work well, and free trade is good, but that doesn't fit the desire to maintain the corporate tyranny the oligarch financiers of regressive movements want, one that matches the regressive desired social tyranny.

You cultivate the tyrants from above and domesticate them to match the tyranny over them, creating a class divide, while making sure that to the sawed-off Marxist wannabes it's a divide over something else, like basic liberties.

Regressives are complete lapdogs to the oligarchy.

meme, your idiotic rants make no sense.

SolRo, your lust for violence is subsentient.

15.) Approves of rape against political opponents.
Good old reply button.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." -George Orwell, 1984.
This is hard to listen to.
Maggot Brain
Do you think the White House press corps dinner is going to happen this year?
I'm sure it will happen after trump manages to find/hire enough sycophants that reliably react to every fascist zinger he makes and drown out anyone actually from the press.

memedumpster is so fucking awful. jesus christ what a useless cunt he is. imagine being that boring and unfunny. imagine spending a day locked inside his skull, seeing everything he sees, typing everything he types and listening to every thought that pops into his fat, stupid, boring head. what a horrible fucking nightmare. fuck.
There's worse. I have to assume meme is doing a bit because it's so utterly OTT, even for round here.

Have a look at the guy claiming dick spencer is 'not a nazi' at the bottom of the punch nazi faces thread, that's the shit that flies under the radar here semi-regularly while everybody else is wringing their hands over whether it's ok that a nazi got punched or not.

My guess? meme is surrounded by awful people in an awful state in an awful country, and sometimes it gets to him so much that he concludes almost everyone is a monster. Not always the same almost everyone, but big chunks of people.

I think he's given to oversimplication a lot, but so are most people. And at least I think he's genuinely bugged by people being needlessly terrible; I can appreciate that better than, say, dissatisfaction borne solely out of wanting more money.

He is really, truly, 100% not doing a bit. He's been doing it consistently and persistently for a very long time, his posts are long, and he routinely puts more effort into the threads that he turns to shit than his opponents do. He is less concerned with winning arguments than he is with dragging them out and being a nuisance to his opponents, who he genuinely hates to a psychotic degree - just like every right-wing fucktard on the internet ever. He's classical both-sides-are-equally-bad-but-actually-the-left-is-worse-lol-oh-w hoops-i-guess-i'm-a-fucking-right-wing-concern-troll-stereotype-sh itbaby. His shtick is embellished only just barely enough to protect his stupid fat ego when the dumb shit he says gets punctured - he can just pretend his largely-identical-but-not-quite real views weren't even winged.

He's pretty much the solitary reason I left 54Evil. Which is a shame, because we REALLY need an actual news site/forum like poe-news back in the day, especially with this new reality inaugurated.

I left 54evil in large measure because of meme as well.

Nevertheless I can't help but like him and want him around. He's coming from a place of sincerity, I think, and I can respect that. I am sometimes tempted to challenge him point-by-point -- like when he claims the TPP lets corporations rewrite laws (how can anyone think about that for a thirty seconds and not grasp how Death-Panels-grade nonsensical that is?) -- but he's venting and maybe it's better for him to just get it out. There's no arguing against emotions anyway.

"He's coming from a place of sincerity, I think, and I can respect that." You're wrong. Also, he has nothing but contempt for people who respect him because deep down he knows he's a piece-of-shit fraud. All his views are reactions to the views of people he hates. People he hates are anyone with standards beyond the bare minimum, like every other cunty south park libertarian, because he know he can never measure up to any standard that is anywhere above the bare minimum. He has no identity or personality beyond that. He's a boring, pedantic, dickless nothing.

I'll admit there's a possibility you are right on this poorwill, who knows any more around here given the growing number of freeper-level responses on practically any thread these days.

There are actually parts of arguments on this very page that I agree with memedumpster on (in between swathes of vitriol and insanity), not that he'd ever accept that anyone can agree with him in part ("given to oversimplification" is an understatement--nuance doesn't exist in his world), but the bottom line is, he has himself stated that his contempt for everyone on this site is absolute--I don't know why people have a hard time believing him on that point.

Oh, hey! I can use 54evil again!

I figured out how to do...something...with UBlock Origin, on there.

Now it's a perfect site again, just needs a lot more users, of course.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
memedumpster deserves cancer
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