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Desc:Doubleplus Goodthink at the Ministry of Truth.
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:lies, narcissism, wtf america, trump, alternative facts
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Comment count is 19
Nice to know that the CIA has a bunch of sycophants that applaud the orange clown as he congratulates himself in front of a memorial to their dead.

Enhanced waterboarding for everyone not patriotic enough!
Wouldn't surprise me to find out he brought along a cheer squad of flunkies, but yeah there's no doubt people in the CIA/FBI who are trump daft also.

he did

the CIA people who came had to pre-register, and trump brought like 50 staffers with him

This is the new alt-fact-reality we live in. He won't be caught flat-footed like someone with some "dignity" like Dubya, not having a crowd laugh and cheer and clap at the right times. He'll march his own paid audience into every speech and press conference, just as he's already been proven to have done on that Piss Baby Empty Folders press conference.

I have zero doubt he did the same thing here, and he'll keep doing it, because shame is not something he's burdened with.

True that.

Surprise surprise:

http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2017/01/23/cbs-trump-broug ht-cheerers-to-cia-visit.html?via=desktop&source=copyurl

All I want to know is which direction to face to ensure I die instantly

I keep expecting a sudden CNN news bulletin that this has all been an elaborate sting operation and Trump's entire retinue has been arrested for high treason.
That's the timeline I would like to live in.

And then Mike Pence would be president. Still not an excellent outcome, but perhaps an improvement?

As shitty a human being as pence is, at least I wouldn't have to worry about him starting a nuclear war over a foreign leader insulting his hand size.

Plus glory holes suddenly become CIA document drops.

Nah, just over other things. On purpose.

The guy's a radical Dominionist.

You guys know that, right?

If real life gets any further past the point of parody, maybe it will loop back around to rational.
that's what impeachment is called

This guy doesn't really surprise me anymore, but I gotta say: many of the stars on that wall remain anonymous to this day. Standing in a place like that and just talking about yourself for an hour is really something.
I can't wait to see how he operates in a setting where he doesn't get to import his own shills to give a laughtrack and hosannas to his speech.
He's the potus now, he can fly out a plane full of sycophants to any place one earth at a moments notice for the next four years

We're not even a week into this and I've already lost any sembalance of hope that this might get better.
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