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Desc:I was on 7th street, between Hirshhorn and Air & Space.
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:women, Protest, march, trump, washington dc
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Comment count is 8
Pity the weather was crap, would've loved to see some helicopter shots. I know the local news HAD to be pissed they couldn't fly.

On the other hand, seeing the Washington monument rising out of the fog and fade into the low clouds looked pretty awesome, like a pillar holding up the sky.
Notice how the unprecedented mats on the group make it look like there are a fuck-ton of people there. (There's gravel! 1:28, on the right, toward the bottom.)
Two Jar Slave
Too bad there's no way to count a crowd; we'll never know if this is more people than showed up for, say, the Cool and the Gang reunion show.
I'm sure the NSA already knows how to do this but aren't sharing because:...shhhhh.

Maggot Brain
All these people were late for Trump. They got caught in that Alternative fact reality.
Caminante Nocturno
I wish people marching in DC would clean up after themselves when they left.
Caminante Nocturno
At least I didn't see anybody using the World War II memorial like a public pool and foot bath the way the Teabaggers did.

I will agree with this statement. By the evening, there were discarded protest signs littering the sidewalks everywhere. I didn't bring a sign, but I couldn't imagine making one and leaving it. I'd want it for a souvenir. I make an exception for all the people who left a giant pile of them in front of the Trump Hotel, but otherwise I felt sorry for the people tasked with cleanup.

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