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Desc:Mike, Jay and Rich discuss the title reveal for SW8 and pop culture swag.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Star Wars, red letter media, swag, rlm
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Caminante Nocturno
Nothing says "I love you" like a black guy holding a gun. That's why Lethal Weapon is the perfect date movie.
For those who didn't follow the drama after their Rogue One review (which had a lot of valid criticisms), basically these "nerd podcast" things are supposed to be direct parodies of Collider's jaw-droppingly awful "Jedi Council" podcasts. The first one they did was way more spot on, but still..I hope they keep this up at least for a little while.
Their unboxing video is hilarious as well.

Because I was flabbergasted that unboxing videos were actually A Thing, I went ahead and watched this video by some reprehensible shitsicle called draegast:

youtube.co m/watch?v=ego88qcpkds

I cannot believe people both (A) subscribe to this service and (B) watch these kinds of videos. Between trump's election and this kind of shit, my faith in humanity is pretty low.
Oh, wait, it's this video. Whoops.

Two Jar Slave
I didn't get unboxing vids until I saw my wife watching one for a makeup kit, and I realized they're just ads. Ads for people who are nervous about buying things off the Internet, or nervous that the "normal" ads don't actually represent the product, or both. That's it! Nothing to see, move along, etc.

Much like what comes out of your mouth.......


You have to have brain damage to dislike RLM.

I don't know if their shtick just got old or they jumped the shark, but I don't really care for them anymore.

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