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Desc:Machine relentlessly swears at you. Watch from 1:23 to 3:05; you'll get the idea.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:pinball, Sopranos, big points, f bombs, well done
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Comment count is 8
They even used the HBO sound.
That is something I want in my life.
The special is lit.
And there's strippers on stripper poles. This was really trying to be the best pinball game ever

wow, "Big Pussy" and I know this is trying

I played this sometime last summer. But it was deprogrammed for this form of communication.
infinite zest
Yeah the original soundboard settings are bleeped by default, since in the mid-90s you'd still be more likely to run into pinball at video arcades open to all ages. Now they're almost all in bars, so the uncensored version makes sense for that, but usually some d-bag's playing shit on the jukebox and you can't hear it anyway. There's a place by my house with this machine and a color DMD, all uncensored and bloody. There's also a Medieval Madness with "fuck" restored, although I've been unclear as to whether the uncensored one is a soundboard hack, since it's the only instance of "bleep" anywhere in the game.

Sopranos is fun, probably the best pin Stern has made; shortly after this they basically whored out the same playfield more-or-less for anything Superhero-related, just replacing the plastic toys practically, but Stern's newer (most everything following Rolling Stones) output has been better, probably because of the inexplicable rise of the general public's interest in pinball in the last 5 years or so.

infinite zest
actually never mind I like The Simpsons Pinball Party and Lord of the Rings more, as far as Stern is concerned..

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