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Desc:Burger Kings in Isreal offering 'adult meal' with sex toy surprise for Valentine's Day
Tags:Burger King, Isreal, Valentines Day, sex toys
Submitted:Crunchy Frog
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Megatron has an opinion
Comment count is 10
I was hoping they'd sell this in the states. I wanted one. :(
The Mothership
Does it also come with the most vanilla of shakes?
infinite zest
Fifty Shits of Grey
I love how your average American Christian sees Israel as a sacred place of religious ideal, and of course they're behind the Adult Burger King Meal.
McDonald's is countering with a special offer where Grimace will jizz on you if you buy a large fries.
French fry oil all over my nipple tickler,mmm mmm
Subway is offering an exclusive Valentine's Day kids' meal.
booooooooooooooo yay

infinite zest
In-and-Out Burger has.. oh never mind you did it better! Here's a Whopper with Ghost Star sauce.

Jack in the Box has oh my god guys keep going so close

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