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Desc:Erik is on fire lately.
Tags:why we can have nice things, Internet Comment Etiquette, alternative facts, Mandela Effect, false memory
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Comment count is 27
"why we can have nice things" = "why we can't have nice things" because of the ancient PoeTV apostrophe bug.
I remember no such bug.

It was always "why we can have nice things"!!!!

If you put an apostrophe in a tag, every character from the apostrophe to the next blank space gets cropped out.

That can be true

Oscar Wildcat
Once upon a time
Somebody say to me
(This is a dog talkin' now)
What is your Conceptual Continuity?
Well, I told him right then
(Fido said)
It should be easy to see
The crux of the biscuit
Is the Apostrophe.

Big Money Salvia is at it again!
This used to be called misremembering. Fuck, that's spooky.
That's funny, I always remembered it being the Mandala effect not the Mandela effect.

Not meant to be a reply, although I agree it's spooky.

infinite zest
It's a weird thing: I was over at my dad's watching The Packers, and, as two University of Wisconsin alums, we found ourselves trying to figure out which Wisconsin Badger is was who took a shit in someone's closet, or laundry bin.. etc. point is it was a University of Wisconsin football player and he got in trouble for it, but also gained the appropriate nickname "dooky."

Well it turns out we were both thinking of then-Green Bay Packers player, Najeh Davenport (see the nickname fits). But we had never before discussed this person or anything on the subject; the only connection I could make is that when the crime happened, I was at University, and sometimes my Dad mistakes Wisconsin Badgers for Green Bay Packers players and vice versa. But we both had the same image of this particular guy at this particular school who did something that he never did!

What's weirder is that I then put a post up on facebook asking my alumni friends if they remembered such a person taking a shit in a laundry hamper and they said they did too, whether they went to Wisconsin or not. So even contextual evidence leading my dad and I to the same false conclusion can't be taken as such, since such evidence didn't exist with the same prerequisites in others.

The Berenstein/stain Bears one always gets me because my entire life since I was little I thought it was "Bearenstein". Looking at the font it's pretty obvious how a first grader mixed the two up but still spooky.

Oscar Wildcat
Oh fuck me I too share this false memory and had no idea until just now that the bears weren't Red Sea pedestrians.

I think the world itself is beginning to unravel. Watching the President's presser today, I felt the effects of the alternate reality full on. It was like watching Captain Queeq describe the breadfruit tree conspiracy at the court marshal. In a moment of clarity, Don said "Tomorrow the press with be reporting that I was ranting and raving". To be fair Don they would be lying if they reported otherwise, no?

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>>Watching the President's presser today, I felt the effects of the alternate reality full on. It was like watching Captain Queeq describe the breadfruit tree conspiracy at the court marshal.

The breadfruit was Bligh. Queeg was all about the strawberries.

I saw a few minutes of the press conference with Bibi. Trump mumbles a few disjointed sentence fragments about how badly Michael Flynn has been treated by "the often fake press", and the network cuts him off midstream to try to take a stab at just what the President is talking about.

The world that Trump has promised to restore has been unravelling since before I was born. There was a moment in 1980s when a Great Communicator seemed to make the dream of benign white privelege and the good old days that never were live again. For 30 years, the Republicans have been dreaming about a new white father to take the Reagan mantle. In 2016, extreme wishful thinking and an open mean streak led to Trumpism, a cheap ham-nanded parody of Reaganism.

Great thing about Trump is that when he gets tired of trying to hold off reality, he can just declare victory, and go slap his name on a new building, perhaps a mausoleum. The best mausoleum ever!.

Oscar Wildcat
"The breadfruit was Bligh. Queeg was all about the strawberries"

Yes technically that is true but I stand by my original more relevant statement.

On your other point, I was referring to yesterday's 77 minute masterwork, not the presser with Bibi. If you've not seen Don's latest, check it. You can fast forward thru a lot of the prepared crazy at the beginning, it's all evil but stuff you've heard a million times from him. The Q&A is where he has to go off script and thereafter he reaches low earth orbit in a matter of minutes.

Yeah, I think this is just an inevitable effect of too much information. We've always created false memories (see: every religious tradition and a lot of recorded history) but in the past the rate that our brains had to process new information was much slower than it was after the advent of radio, then television, and now the Internet.

Fun times!
People have forgotten how to be wrong, now that there's always a Web site or YouTube video with the truth they're looking for.

Mind you, there have probably always been lots of people just like that, on one issue or another. But there are no authoritative sources any longer that we commonly agree we can turn to: for every scientific finding there is a "fair and balanced" counter-finding.
People have forgotten how to be wrong and at the same time have also drastically increased their consumption of incredibly strong hydroponic cannabis.

Oscar Wildcat
So a net-net win then?

Yeah sounds like a fair trade.

5 for Eric fucking himself.

Wait,.. hold on.. fucking Mandelbrot effect. Eric used to be a robot?!
He was never NOT a robot.

The Mothership
This one was pretty good.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Nothing on TV makes me laugh like this. This is why youtube exiists

Rodents of Unusual Size
So does anyone else remember POE Blue?
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