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Desc:Your Hard-R 70s Alice in Wonderland exploitation musical. It's bonkers.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Alice in Wonderland, R Rated Porno, its on Pornhub
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We also have Bill Osco to thank for Flesh Gordon.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Bill Osco's greatest contribution to culture may be 1970's MONA, THE VIRGIN NYMPH, the first real feature-porno, with the exception of Andy Warhol's BLUE MOVIE, AKA FUCK., which may contain real sex, but you wouldn't want to fap to it. Mona is the story of a young woman who promises not to have sex until she's married, but she fellates every man she encounters. Meanwhile Mona's mother seduces Mona's fiancée. Mona's fiancee learns that she's beens sucking strange dicks, and even though he just fucked Mona's mom, he feels justified in tying Mona down and arranging a gang rape. It was a simpler time.

You can see MONA for free on the internet with some searching, and I'm sure you can still purchase it from Something Weird Video.

The music numbers are what makes this such a wonderful thing. They're *terrible*, but terrible in a way that is also good that only amateur community productions can be. Also, the Mad Hatter's limpness during a BJ is telling.
This cut is more entertaining than the original hard X version.
was this the one with the snapping gyro?

my friend and I once watched like forty minutes of this, stone faced
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