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Category:Classic Movies
Tags:spoiler, Kirsten Dunst, lars von trier, melancholia, bye forever
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Comment count is 6
cognitivedissonance - 2017-02-21
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe the worst movie I've personally seen? I hated this movie so much. I hated everything about it. I hated every second. I'd watch Bad Boy Bubby a million times before I watched this movie again.
poorwill - 2017-02-21
Christ that music is corny. This made me wince. A fitting end.
Lurchi - 2017-02-21
someone proposed a sequel about a world of fat people on a collision course with a planet named Gluttony
15th - 2017-02-21
One of my favorite directors and I think 2/3rds of his films are ridiculous. But, they are gloriously retarded.
Lurchi - 2017-02-21
Nymphomaniac was a shark-jumper I thought

chumbucket - 2017-02-21
Yeah Nymphomaniac, for all the hype, was a disappointment. I just wanted to see Antichrist again to get the stink off me.

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