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Desc:630pm-midnight eastern time
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:bill paxton, EDITING!, Monday, PoeTV Monday Night RAW, jangbones
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channel - poetv
Born in the RSR
Too soon.
I'm really looking forward to Future Shock.
its a winner

I always thought Future Shock (leaving aside the documentar and book of course) was a late 70s, post-Alien sci fi horror, and I have no idea what I'm confusing it with. There was a movie that I could have sworn was called Future Shock in all the video stores I used to go to as a kid, a few years before the '94 Future Shock came out, and all I remember about it was the art was a painting of either a mummified corpse or an alien (or a mummified alien) in some kind of Alien-style hibernation tube with a person in a space suit touching the glass near its face. Similar art style to the original Def-Con 4 poster I think.

Any idea what that movie actually was?

I think its this:


narrated by Orson Welles around the same time as the moon film of which I had that dumb anecdote

Nope, that's much earlier and is based on the book.

This is a great promo!
Terrific work, jang.
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