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Desc:They aren't having it, so he calls them 'children'
Tags:republicans, florida, obamacare, death panels, bill akins
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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What a winner

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/02/1 1/gop-official-in-viral-town-hall-video-is-known-for-sharing-misle ading-stories-bigoted-jokes/?utm_term=.8c8756ee0065
John Holmes Motherfucker
That smug tone, he's so certain that he's right. He's more an idiot than a liar. Is that any consolation?

It is so exciting to see the press actually doing their job for a change.

Well, not anymore. All it took was one speech of him half-reigning in the hostile tone while reading from a prompter for all the media to start falling in line and sucking his dick "HE SEEMS TO HAVE FINALLY GROWN INTO THE OFFICE AND COME OFF AS PRESIDENTIAL!"

The Post, The Times, MSNBC. All of them towing this horseshit line.

Some of the press is bending over, but they're coming under fire for doing so, so who knows, maybe CNN and friends will be shamed into at least framing Trump as "controversial".

I grew up in Pasco County. This guy is exactly the sort of asshole I would expect to thrive in that shitheap.

That said, Pasco is also home to tons of older folks, and the one thing you could do to lose their loyalty is mess with their health care. UH OH.
Of course we all know it's bullshit, but exactly what flavor of bullshit? I continue:

There was once a proposed provision (later dropped) for the ACA that would mandate Medicare pay for end of life counseling services for senior citizens. Also, there is an advisory board created by the law that has the job of helping to reduce spending growth for medicare. The law explicitly states that the board is not allowed to ration health care in any way.

tldr; "Death Panels" is a lie from whole cloth.

the ACA itself:
https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/PLAW-111publ148/html/PLAW-111pub l148.htm

I'll never forget, during the ramp-up to the Obamacare vote, the old lady at the town hall who said "I heard that if this passes, government men will come to my house and ask me how I want to die."

I'm sure some people were unironically picturing some Logan's Run situation with everyone getting sent to Carousel once they hit 74.

Except they're really old, so instead of floating into the air they're rattling around with their walkers and falling over and exploding.

If this one issue doesn't prove just how sociopathic and wholly evil the GOP are, I don't know what else possibly could.

They literally have no solutions or alternatives to health care. Everything the GOP has ever even hinted at being some kind of alternative or replacement for the current (flawed) Obamacare system has just been some weird, recycled garbage from decades back when healthcare reform post-Medicare was just gaining steam.
It is not an exaggeration or political hyperbole: the GOP is literally killing people and getting paid for it. It's about money for dead people.

It's clear from the last month or so the GOP's attempts to repeal the ACA (which will likely succeed) that they not only have no organizational structure or coherent focus on what the fuck to even *do* with healthcare, but that they clearly were hoping that someone, somewhere would provide them with some sort of ACA alternative they could steal and put their name on and turn in as their own homework.
To be clear...the GOP has had 8 FUCKING YEARS to come up with their supposed alternative to ACA, and their line now is "boy, it sure is hard to come up with healthcare legislation."
Fuck the GOP. Fuck Trump. Fuck Trump apologists and supporters. Fuck anyone who still even remotely supports the Republican Party. Eat shit and die. (and the death part will likely happen since, you know...no healthcare in our glorious first world nation) Don't let anyone sucker into this garbage, regressive left argument about how Trump voters were "economically anxious" or "worried about jobs" or any of that other shit where we're supposed to empathize with them that they now stand to suffer the most (economically) with the ACA repeal. No...they are hateful, spiteful, ignorant pigfuckers and don't let anyone make you feel guilty for thinking it or saying it. Fuck Trump voters. May they all lose their jobs, sleep in the streets, and die without dignity while clutching their MAGA hats and Chinese-made American flags.

Well, there's one small contradiction I'd like to offer: I don't think an ACA repeal is likely to happen right now. The town halls have rattled the GOP so that they're wary of repealing ACA & replacing it with nothing, and they're hopelessly divided on what to replace it with if they *do* repeal it. Hence, repeal seems to be unlikely ATM. At least, based on what I've read.

If they had any brains or spines whatsoever they'd just steal the good parts of ACA and add some sort of controls for healthcare costs and insurance premiums.

But that goes against the prime directive of 'Screw poors, cut taxes'

For you, not for our future.

"If they had any brains or spines whatsoever they'd just steal the good parts of ACA and add some sort of controls for healthcare costs and insurance premiums."

Good news: the ACA already imposes cost controls on insurance premiums. 80% - 85% of all premium dollars collected have to go to paying medical claims; everything else -- all the costs of doing business, and after that any profits -- come from the remaining 15% - 20%.

That means that insurance premiums are keyed directly to healthcare costs. Premiums can't go up without medical costs going up, but premiums can't come down without medical costs coming down either.

Controls for healthcare costs are the correct next step to fixing our health care system, but that's where it REALLY gets complicated. Hospitals will have to tighten their administrative belts, doctors (not all of whom are making money hand over fist) are going to have to figure out how to pay their student loans and their malpractice insurance on less income, and so on. Every entity on the medical provider side will have incentive to oppose to those changes, and what's more, they will all have legitimate arguments about how they too have bills to pay, just as patients do.

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>>It is not an exaggeration or political hyperbole: the GOP is literally killing people and getting paid for it. It's about money for dead people.

This is effectively true, but the more accurate description is that they see healthcare as a business whose primary purpose is to make money for investors, not to care for patients. Sick people have no power or value in a free-market health care industry. When you've got a major health issue, no one is going to compete for your business.

The irony of this pants-shitter calling the room "children" would be glorious if not for the context.
I hate to sound partisan or bitter, but at this point the GOP could all try to atone for themselves in some sort of mass honorable suicide, and I don't know if I would be moved by the gesture. It would just seem like more grand-standing and attention whoring.
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