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Desc:For Maggot Brain: 'Where are the Surf and Shoot videos'?
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Val Kilmer, guns, top secret
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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John Holmes Motherfucker
It got bad reviews. Not a great movie, but there are plenty of great gags. My favorite is "OH NO! I"M BACK IN SCHOOL!" I'm not giving it away.
Elvis and the French Resistance vs. the Nazis in Cold War East Germany ... I'm calling it genius.

Totally bitchin
After watching shit tons of MST 3K old movies with pointless teenager beach scenes, this movie is actually much funnier.
Definitely needs "skeet" tag.
"I've got a gun rack in my Chevy"

Wait, isn't that a Ford on the screen?
Maggot Brain
So American it hurts!
Ironically, not shot in America.

They did a good job of disguising the beach at Holywell Bay, Cornwall, England as California with fake palm trees and the surf shack is, in fact, the lifeguard hut (and was still there whenever it was that the IMDb trivia page I'm getting all this from was written).

The Grunions have stepped up their game since the Clampetts went to fight them:


Remember, the Confederacy was all about freedom!
John Holmes Motherfucker
The Grunion Invasion! I think I can I remember that from when it wasn't a rerun!

This episode was pretty near the end of the series. The writing was surprisingly clever, like when they're discussing what you can do with grunion (misunderstood to be invaders from the Isle of Grun).

Though I am more fond of the previous arc, where Ellie Mae was dating a Naval frogman and Granny thought he was literally a frog-man from the navel down. Worse, he apparently had the power to turn people into animals, and Granny was the only one who had a problem with any of this.

Born in the RSR
skeet skeet
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