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Desc:Maybe someday people will learn not to explore derelict alien spaceships but NOT TODAY.
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:alien, ridley scott, game over, covenant, xenomorphs
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Comment count is 29
Nominal - 2017-03-03
How about a covenant to stop making alien movies?
duck&cover - 2017-03-03
I'd sign that petition.

infinite zest - 2017-03-03
How can only 5 movies in 40 years feel like 20 movies?

Born in the RSR - 2017-03-03
so we're not counting the 2 AvP movies and Covenent?

Born in the RSR - 2017-03-03
*I mean Prometheus, bleh....

infinite zest - 2017-03-03
I dunno, I always thought it wa s like Freddy vs. Jason, which was neither a Nigjtmare on Elm Street or Friday The 13th.. but I dunno, I guess Batman v. Superman is sort of a new Batman

Maggot Brain - 2017-03-03
This looks mediocre.

If they want to keep making these Alien movies they need to go back to their blue collar roots and stop making movies about dumb ass scientist.
The Mothership - 2017-03-03
It looks like they're trying to cram every Alien movie ever made into 120 minutes. Cause you know it's going to be at least that long. And I know my aliens movies.

Sexy Duck Cop - 2017-03-03
Remember when a new Alien movie was a big deal?
TeenerTot - 2017-03-03
I remember it happening exactly once.

infinite zest - 2017-03-03
I don't remember any. Maybe a little with Alien3 because Fincher was pretty Zeitgeisty and busy in the 90s, but none for the others to speak of, save for "Jean Jeunet Who?"

It does seem weird that back then a director like "guy who did Delicatessan" would raise so many eyebrows when directing an action or superhero movie. That's like all of them now

Two Jar Slave - 2017-03-03
Yeah, I'd say that when taken as an entire series Alien has less dignity than Mission Impossible, but slightly more than Universal Soldier.

infinite zest - 2017-03-03
Hey now, everybody's favorite Brad Bird directed Ghost Protocol, JJ Abrams when he was still good made 3, and John Woo.. John Woo made Hard Boiled once!

Kid Fenris - 2017-03-03
Geez, show the creature as much as possible in the trailer, why don't you? Even the trailers for that Life movie don't make that mistake.

I expect I'll see this for the same reason I buy every Alien or Predator comic I find in dollar bins.
Simillion - 2017-03-03
Old_Zircon - 2017-03-03
I'd just like to point out that the little thumbnail on the front page looks like Mike Meyers dressed as Wayne carrying a bazooka.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2017-03-03

good observation it totally is

Two Jar Slave - 2017-03-03
Knew I saved my stars for a reason.

infinite zest - 2017-03-03
Weird. The more you zoom it in, the more it looks like him.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2017-03-03
It's still a great monster. Like Freddy Kruger or Frankenstein, a great monster keeps coming back long after the movies lose their power. Too bad we don't have Abbot and Costello to wrap things up for us.
Lurchi - 2017-03-03
looking forward to forgetting this existed
StanleyPain - 2017-03-03
What I find disappointing about this film is that it is so rote and by-the-numbers. Prometheus at least tried to tell a more elaborate sci-fi story. This one just seems to be playing it super safe and having everything devolve into Aliens again.

Also, the production of this film pushed back the production of the actual, LEGIT Alien sequel that was in pre-production (Alien 5, being made by Neil Blomkamp and Sigourney Weaver) that seemed like it had a very good chance of being something pretty damn kick-ass. But now it looks like it might not even get made because of the amount of money Fox wants to sink into Covenant and a proposed THIRD FUCKING film in this Prometheus trilogy thing.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2017-03-03
How many ALIEN VS TERMINATOR movies are there? These are present day, earthbound affairs. Is this even the same universe?

Anaxagoras - 2017-03-03
Yup. I can't say Prometheus was a *good* movie, by any stretch, but it did have its good features.

I'm not sure that this movie will. Even its cinematography looks fairly pedestrian. And cinematography was the one thing that all Alien movies excelled at.....


.... until now.

infinite zest - 2017-03-03
Ooh Neil Blomkamp! I actually really liked Chappie. And for all the "it's just Short Circuit in South Africa" criticism, the film never really fell victim to the cliches that affect most other movies in that genre, including Short Circuit itself. I accidentally watched the "Prologue" that just came out instead of this trailer, and it's basically the entirety of the dinner scene that's shown at the very beginning here. This obviously harkens back to Scott's dinner scene in the original.. maybe a little cliche to go that route but it'd be like Star Wars deciding to do away with "may the force be with you." But nope, and subtle nods to the source material are thrown out the window when one of the crew begins convulsing and grabbing at her abdomen: "Oh shit! That's JUST like in the first one! That's actually kinda cool." But nope, Michael Fassenbender or whatever comes up to the woman and gives her the Heimlich. "Oooh! She was CHOKING!!" Seriously Michael Bay wouldn't pull that shit so fuck this movie.

Meerkat - 2017-03-03
'Cause there's just two songs in me and I just wrote the third.
The Mothership - 2017-03-04
Don't know how I got the inspiration, or how I wrote the words!

Chancho - 2017-03-03
I'll watch this on Netflix.
Ninehells - 2017-03-03
Spaceship Cabin in the Woods
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