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Desc:The fact that this 'Doomsday Message' has been unearthed in 2017 is purely coincidental
Category:Classic TV Clips, Military
Tags:80s, Armageddon, chicago, doomsday, Illinois
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Comment count is 5
Damn. I'm not in Illinois.
infinite zest
Try tuning to a station furnishing information for your area.

Hereby declared by the White House
They used to play the "EBS test" video pretty regularly throughout the 80s, just to make sure people remembered to live in fear.
infinite zest
I remember those "this is only a test" ones, but never anything pointing to an actual apocalyptic event. War of the Worlds famously got in trouble for misleading the public, but it wouldn't surprise me if we did it again. After all, even WoW interrupted its broadcast several times to let listeners know it was just a work of fiction, and we still lost our collective shit, so maybe we're just dumb.

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