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Desc:Rain Florence oversharing, again
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:vagina, batshit, kegels, Rain Florence, gigantic oversized gibbering hellmouth
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Comment count is 20
Stick some bowling balls in there.
Oscar Wildcat
If I called into it, would I hear an echo?

Rain Florence and I met many ages ago. After an amicable evening of pleasantries and ribaldry, we retired to my bungalow overlooking the Caspian. She clearly stated, "Mr. Bones, I admire the cut of your jib. I sincerely hope I do not ask too much if I inquire, but will you do me the great honor and pleasure of performing oral sex on me at this moment?" Being the polite gentlemen I am, I immediately said "very well, m'lady, posthaste!"

She disrobed as I best prepared my mandible and soft palate, then moved my head into position. However, after a brief inspection, I stated "strewth, you have a large vagina....strewth, you have a large vagina."

Mizz Florence, supine, furrowed her brow. "Dearest sir, why did you feel compelled to utter it twice?"

My reply, "ma'am, I did not."


Hahaha I get it

They're likelier than you think.
This video is presented in Large Vagina for the hearing impaired.


This Large Vagina presentation has been subsidized by the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Grant for Arts and Sciences, and Viewers Like You.
Man was hungry.
He ate Rain Florence's large vagina.
You cannot eat Rain Florence's large vagina.
Rain Florence's large vagina is not food.
Rain Florence's large vagina is not food.
Rain Florence's large vagina is not food.
Rain Florence's large vagina is not food.
Rain Florence's large vagina is not food.

This was meant for the comment below.

You can't have a "big" vagina!

Vaginas do not work that way!
If anyone can, it's Rain Florence.

Monkey Napoleon
What are you talking about? There are several ways in which a vagina can be large, especially when you're using the colloquial definition of vagina that refers to the entire set of organs in a ladies no-no zone.

Somebody needs a fetish porn education.

She kept talking, but all I thought about was reading The Godfather.
John Holmes Motherfucker
They should make a Godfather 4, and make it all about Lucy's giant vagina, and the heroic doctor who fixes her with his magic penis.

Seriously, the fuck, Mario Puzo? This is supposed to be about the Mafia. How did pages from another novel you were working on get mixed into this manuscript? Did your editor sympathize with the monster snatch plight?

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
She done got stretched out.

I don't know if I prefer Rain's "down there" or Alexys K. Tyler's "VAGINA!"
What does this mean? Does she mean she has a really deep vagina, or a really wide/loose vagina? I'm guessing she means really wide/loose with an area code or something.

Plus it's off the grid and has been declared a sovereign territory; sadly it is infested with telemarketers immune to prosecution.

RING RING Call from Privates Caller.



John Holmes Motherfucker
Kudos on your large vagina.
Gee, I wonder if maybe any perceived problems with your vagina might have *something* to do with the fact that you apparently will shove pretty much anything into it provided there is some woo-tastic/Natural News BS reason to do so.

On an alternate topic, she looks a bit healthier lately...not quite as gaunt and horrible as some of her past videos.
When it rains, it pours.
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