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Desc:human genius sean spicer justifies policy completely w/ use of props @ 1:27
Category:News & Politics
Tags:trump, Trump 2016, Sean Spicer, republicare
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KELLY from boyfriendwithsmallpenis.com
Comment count is 18
I don't know if "Sarah" was trying not to laugh at 1:30 because of the absurdity of all of this, or just because he said "look at the size" but I love her for it either way.

Bonus: the size of the two bills doubles as a handy bar graph to depict how many people the two plans will help.
Oscar Wildcat
Sean looks to have had ample experience convincing women that smaller is better.

4 you Oscar

I imagine a single-payer Medicare expansion (everyone under 65 pays the costs of their age cohort, at probably a 20% discount to private insurers) could be legislated with less than 10 pages.
Maggot Brain
Uhg, this is so frustrating. Just say "we view health care as a privilege."
Maggot Brain
okay, I lol'd

That's not honest either, though, they don't view healthcare as a privilege they just don't give a single shit what happens to anyone but themselves and their corporate backers.

John Holmes Motherfucker
or just "FUCK YOU".

That too.

I imagine Spicer making it another couple of months before he finally snaps and either paints the Whitehouse in blood or is found OD'd in his closet.
Maggot Brain
He's lasted longer than other so far.

I read that Sean Spicer sneaks into nursing homes and sexually abuses dementia patients.

John Holmes Motherfucker
That poor bastard has the most hangdog expression I've ever seen in my life. He thought that he'd landed his ideal job.

Now THAT was a spit parade!
Binro the Heretic
That's the worst "Chewbacca Defense" I've ever seen.
John Holmes Motherfucker
with my complements

Rodents of Unusual Size
The number of photograph sounds going up is proportionate to him forgetting what the hell he was going to say.
I've got to be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what SNL does with this, which is the first time I've had reason to give a single shit about SNL since I was old enough to grow body hair.
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