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Desc:Steve Bannon produced horror movie with Val Kilmer as a global warming mad scientist
Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:Val Kilmer, global warming, torture porn, steve bannon
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Comment count is 16
This is what Bannon believes scientists are really like.
Starring not just one, but two washed-up actors, Kilmer and Roberts.

Oscar Wildcat
Scientists want to kill you... with Science!

Meanwhile, will Assante's star ever stop rising?

Maggot Brain
How is this not an episode of Baywatch Nights?
Also check out Michael Crichton's ludicrous novel State of Fear where "eco-terrorists" who use a magic Tesla machine to kill people with mega-storms to pretend that climate change is real!!! They also magically "make" a tsunami because Crichton was so fucking retarded he doesn't even know that tsunami's are not caused by weather but rather by earthquakes!
Because climate deniers are such rational, cool-headed people, he has to put a character into the book who is both a climate scientist AND an implied child molestor, because CLASSY!
Caminante Nocturno
Settle down, son.

"I've had enough."

"You've had enough?"

shrike the halls
Eric Roberts tag NOW
this season of decker is shaping up real well
The Flop House did an episode about this movie before the world knew who Steve Bannon was, it's worth a listen.
I watched this entire movie. On purpose. Soooooo sloooooow.

Oh, and there's a twist. A dumb, dumb twist.
Oscar Wildcat
Have you lost the will to live? Whatever possessed you to do this thing? But having stared directly into the abyss, can you tell us what you saw?

GoneGirl knows that bad movies have to stick together.

GoneGirl lives


Caminante Nocturno
Overuse of that yellow-orange color filter can't be good for the environment.
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