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Desc:I like posting this in political arguments on Facebook.
Tags:That Ship Has Sailed
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Comment count is 12
That's a pretty good tactic, although a better tactic would be to avoid political discussions on Facebook altogether (and Facebook in general if possible).
Two Jar Slave
That canoe has paddled. That dogsled has pooped its way into the woods. That hyperloop pod has flown on an electromagnetic aircushion in the direction of its lower-pressure destination. That ISS has orbited out of sight (but will return in 90 minutes).

The Death Star has cleared the planet.
"That train has sailed" is one of my favorite sayings along with "this isn't rocket surgery".
what planet are you smoking?

John Holmes Motherfucker
The ship has left the building.

The Mothership
***** for everything right here.

Maggot Brain
All the saying that involve horses in English.
"The woods can be a fun place to shit, but does the Pope really do it?"
i am confused. why does it matter if I don't like boating or get seasick? I get terribly seasick and I hate boating, so am I not allowed to use this phrase? Instead, I must say the train has left the station. I am confuse
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Strong canthal tilt.
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