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Desc:Popular video game personality responds to accusations of racism
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:JonTron, PewDiePie, public meltdown, ruined careers
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Comment count is 30
"Some of my favorite rappers are black, so I don't even know where that's coming from, man."

This one's a deep thinker.
Fatter than expected!
For those not getting the joke, this guy is actually parodying JonTron, who is a piece of shit.
(and boy, what a hipster I am! I knew he was a piece of shit before it became *cool* to know he's a piece of shit!)
Did the submitter get the joke?

Yeah, The JonTron controversy has been pretty ridiculous. Dude said a whole lot of stuff about how races shouldn't interbreed and such.

Double ridiculous since JonTron himself is half-white, half-middle eastern. His dad is an immigrant from Iran! He supports Trump's ban on immigrants from Iran! VIDEO GAMES!

Yeah this dumb guy Destiny basically used some other dumb video gamer named Jon "Aryan" Jafari as a strawman for all conservative ideas. Basically did what Tucker Carlson does when he has dumbass college sophomores on his show and then lectures them using the daily talking points.
Destiny debated 3 other alt-lite guys after Jon and got his ass handed to him. Both probably gained subscribers and nobody got convinced of anything.

lord crocodilicus: do you have baby-smooth skin? i picture you maybe 280-300 pounds with baby-smooth skin, with features as nondescript as your boring fucking posts. i figure you will be pretty easy and fun to kill when the kultur war boils over and becomes regular war.

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in that scenario, I would be mommy

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Wow, thanks for gracing me with your USEFULNESS you inbred cocktrap.
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As it stands, you're just *here* and sometimes you aren't.
In other words, right back at ya, faggot.

the shocking reveal that the guy that is way too invested in the dumb gamer baby war also has shockingly embarrassing murder fantasies

If having enough details to give people a quick rundown is "too invested" then yup, I would love it if Poorwill became a footnote on Wikipedia.

You know, it was wrong of me to go off on you like that Will, I'm sorry.
You had me in a fit of rage after your seemingly random attacks, but I've decided I won't lose my temper on here anymore, because that just isn't me.
My personal solution, and what works for ME is to get some pictures from the PoETV facebook group and just make a little folder called Faces of PoE. Anytime you trigger me, I'll just remember that you are or probably resemble one of the people in that group, and that oughta hold me over I think.


There's a POETV facebook group?

why would you ever out yourself in such an easily abusable manner...?

Sorry about that OZ, had to wait for my shrink to wake up.

You're 25 years old, and you just made a tactical error that will affect your desired profession for the rest of your career. You did this because your "fans" gave you some tummy rubs and got you to say some foolish things. Instead of saying your fans are horseshit and you're not going to be manipulated any further, you double down.

There's a 2-5 drive time talk slot at Dubuque conservative talk radio waiting for you, chum. That is the reward for your efforts. Is that what you meant to aim for? Is that what you wanted to earn? You're now officially pigeonholed for the next fifty years you have to make a living. Quit now and maybe you can get a nice managerial trajectory gig at Sears.
Caminante Nocturno
Sometimes I wonder who's stupid enough to take these clickbait scandal stories seriously, and then I'm reminded that it's some of the people on this site and I'm overcome with disappointment.
Sometimes I wonder why someone who used to spam the site with creepy fucking anime submissions would wrap himself in alt-right virtue and moralize to the rest of the site while lusting over juicy, underage asses. And then I remember it's Kidfucker Nocturno.

Your name is amazing, Alitheathricechastened.

Alt-right, alt-ite, reg-left

Good god these hyphenated delineations are getting out of control.

Sometimes I wonder who's stupid enough to take these clickbait scandal stories seriously, and then I'm reminded that clickbait scandal stories put Trump in office.

Caminante Nocturno
Many of those clickbait scandal stories were, ironically, written in collusion with the Clinton campaign.

"Popular video game personality"

No thanks
Monkey Napoleon
I think a lot of peoples reaction to the shit JonTron has been saying is shock. The only real clues he was so shitty before this all happened was on his twitter fairly recently. Not that it justifies any of it, but it does make peoples reactions weird.

To be fair, Destiny is kind of a scumbag too. He's one of these guys on youtube that exist on both sides where his fixation on this stuff and the drama surrounding it borders on some kind of personality disorder. It would be one thing if any of Jon's actual content had the slightest whiff of his questionable viewpoints in it, but it doesn't. Baiting a clearly dumb guy who hasn't done anything but say dumb things to espouse more of his dumb ideas for an hour so you can kick his career in the balls on it's way down (which, remember, has nothing to do with any of this) just for a little view count bump is kind of a scummy thing to do.
Destiny is a Bo News poster?

The "Ooooh, JonBong!" is gold.
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